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Preventing Frivolous Malpractice Lawsuits - Medical Justice

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Each year many groundless malpractice suits are initiated against health care providers. Physicians are pressured to settle frivolous lawsuits in order to minimize their financial risk. Damaging physician's reputations. Creating undue stress. And greatly increasing malpractice insurance premiums. The legal system leaves physicians vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits filed by unethical plaintiffs, attorneys and "expert" witnesses. Medical Justice prevents, deters and offers viable countersuit strategies to protect physicians most valuable assets - thier repuations.

Text of Preventing Frivolous Malpractice Lawsuits - Medical Justice

  • 1.

2. The Problem 3.

  • Our nations medical liability system is broken
  • - TheAmericanMedical Association
  • Nationwide, physicians are sued at a rate of 8-10%
  • Traditional malpractice coverage is often insufficient

The Problem 4. The Solution 5.

  • Medical Justicebegan in 2002, founded by the neurosurgeon,
  • Dr .Jeffrey Segal to help other physicians
  • We use a proactive method of protecting against frivolous lawsuits and protecting physicians at work
  • We physicians in all states, offering both prospective and retroactive service plans

The Solution 6. How It Works 7.

  • Medical Justiceprovides proactive, proprietary templates for use with patients
  • If you are named in a suit,Medical Justice , along with Early Intervention services works to seek early dismissal from meritless cases
  • If a case goes to trial and you prevail, we continue to work for you in regards to countersuits and counterclaims

How It Works 8. How Successful Are We? 9.

  • The overall suit rate for plan members is less than 2% in Florida, relative to a published baseline of 15% (FPIC, Q1)
  • Actuarial studies of our plan members find that the 2% rate holds steady nationally for Medical Justice plan members.
  • Recent research (by SG Risk Inc, New Jersey) showed that the claim count against our members is significantly lower than
  • non-members, within a 95% confidence level

How Successful Are We? 10. What Should I Do Next? 11.

  • To join us, contact us:
  • BY POST:Medical Justice P.O. Box 49669 Greensboro, NC 27419
  • BY PHONE:Toll Free at 877-633-5878 (877.MED.JUSTice)

What Should I Do Next?