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Introduction to our EAP service in P.R. China - servicing international companies.

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  • 1. Introduction to ChinaE A PService Center and Its EAP

2. Contents 1 What is EAP 2 What we are providing: CESC EAP Program3 CESC EAP Team 4 Overview of China EAP Service Center 3. Why do you need EAP service

  • Employees are concerned about:

Stress ManagementCareer & Workplace issues Marriage & Family Relocation & Cultural adjustment 4. Counseling issues for Chinese 5. Why do you need EAP service

  • Management needs to consider :

Team building and management issues Communication skills with subordinates Coping with problememployees 6. What Is EAP EAP Services Provides a professional, confidential, mental health service, for all employees and their immediate family. Help them, if in need, with any problems or concerns that affect their psychological or emotional well-being which will in turn affect their life quality and productivity Also offer a consultation service to the client corporation for an improvement of management and organizational optimization based on the services for employees 7. What can EAP do foremployees Offerprofessionalpersonalconsultationthrough hotline telephone service and face-to-face consultation service Help them build a balanced work-life 8. What can EAP do formanagement Offer a management consultation service Provide competence training workshops 9.

    • .

Provide a proactiveand preventive crisis managementapproach Benefits fororganization Decrease costs related to turnover, burn- out, absenteeism, andaccident-related disability Improve employee performance& increase productivity 10. China EAP Service Center

  • The first firm in China specializing in providing EAP and psychological services to large corporations in China;
  • Focusing on a range of behavioral health services including psychological assessment, training, and counselling services to both local Chinese and expatriate employees
  • Headquartered in Shanghai with more than 20 service stations located in other major cities in China
  • Currently working for multi-national clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Alcoa, Google, Agilent, and other famous local companies like China Mobile Bank of China, and Vanke;
  • A network of over 200 professionals for China with different specialties including local Chinese professionals and foreign experts in the country
  • Through EAP, we are seeking for Harmony , Love , Integrity , and Profession

11. Service Brand

  • China EAP Service Center ( E A P )as a special brand of Shanghai EAP Consulting Co., Ltd. is supposed to focus on:
    • Promoting EAP maximally in China
    • Exploring a new model for EAP which can be specially suitable for Chinese population
    • Demonstrating a qualified EAP service delivering model

12. Clients Service Experience 13. What we are providing Understand theconditions of the employees mental health and their needs of EAPthrough survey and research. To enhance the staff readiness and acceptance in using the services To offerthe completeservices toemployees (manager and staff) and their family members for their needs and concerns through this program To help organizationassess the effectivenessof the program on peoples mental health, their behaviors and benefits to the organization in general. Investigation Promotion Delivering Evaluation CompleteProject Management 14. Service Promotion

  • HR launch letters via email or mail, phone card, brochure, and Poster
  • Orientation Sessions
  • Annual meetings
  • Internal referral by HRManagers, and OH
  • Family Day
  • Intranet/Newsletters

To increase employeeawareness and acceptanceto use the servicesWays: Purpose: 15. Service Delivering

  • Call Center( 24/7/365 national toll-free lines & internet access)
  • Individual counseling
  • English service
  • Referral service
  • Online service
  • Mental health survey
  • Group training
  • Managers consultation
  • Organizational feedback
  • Critical incident stress management
  • On-site regular visiting

To maximize the services to employees (managers and staff) and immediate family members for their needs and concerns through this Program Ways: Purpose: 16.

  • Qualified SR/ intake counsellor
  • 24/7/365 national toll-free lines & internet access
  • Calls pick-up within 30 secondsor3 confirmed the format of counselling

24 Hours Call Center Service 17.

  • Appointment (toll free, email, online)
  • Number of Sessions (up to 6 sessions per issue)
  • Formats of Counselling (face to face, telephone, email, and multimedia)
  • Issues to be covered: either for employees self or for managers subordinates
  • Service Hours:7 X 24 hours for appointment
  • 7 X 12 hours for counseling
  • Venue: off-site and on-site sessions

Individual Counseling 18. Call Center and Psychological Counseling Flow Referral Case Recording& filing Follow-up (after 90 days) Appointment Counseling Assessment & Counseling TC/F2F/MM 800-988-0826 400-820-0141 Internet 24-7-365 Emergency Services Enquiry & Information Service Taking Service Requests Case managementSupervision Feedback (within 7 days) If Needed 19.

  • CESC has developed several ways in which to support and welcome overseas workers stationed in China. Whether this is a short or long term contact CESC can provide cultural induction courses and counselling support while they are working in P.R. China.
  • Induction Course:
  • Given by both Chinese instructor and Foreign Expert who has lived and worked in China for over five years.
  • To introduce the culture, the life, the ideology, how to conduct yourself and fit into your new world.
  • To support via telephone difficulties with depression caused by being home-sick, relationship difficulties or child mental health issues such as loneliness and making new friends.
  • Ways:
  • English speaking 24/7 telephone support.
  • Counselling by Western Psychologists or Counsellors.
  • Workshops for Expatriates
  • Other languages supported where possible by foreign experts.

English Service 20. Referral Service

  • Why we need referral?
    • --Beyond our service scope or service capability
    • --Ensure our customers to receive the right service with appropriate resources
  • How we manage the referral case?
    • --Decision based on client needs & case managers judgment
    • --Continued follow-up by CESC

21. Online Service

  • Purpose:All the employees can log ontothe Myself Help websiteandchoose different subjectsto receivehelp from.Contents includepsychometric testing, knowledge link, Case analysis, materials download center, etc.
  • Methods :Test on-line, browse web pages, download materials.

22. Mental Health Survey

  • Objectives:
  • For organization:
  • Overview of a whole picture of employee mental health
  • Establish a file of mental health for each employee
  • Screen for employeesatriskandneedingspecial careby both internal physicians and external EAP
  • Adjustsuitability of employees with their position if necessary based on thesurvey results
  • Special industries safety requirements
  • For employees:
  • Increase self-awareness of their status of mental health
  • Promote their willingness of lifting the level of their mental health through Self-help Guidelines (in both e-version and hard copy) and EAP

23. GroupTraining

  • Seminar
  • Mini Training
  • Workshop
  • Group Counseling
    • Coping with change
    • Stress Management
    • Emotion Management
    • Self-development
    • Interpersonal relationship
    • Working Life balance

To maximally offer the services to employees (manager and staff)Andtheir family members for their needs and concerns. Format: Catalog: Purpose: 24. Managers Consultation

  • Purpose: To increase managers
  • ability to deal with issues of
  • subordinates
  • Contents: Group Sessions for Managers
  • Manager Hotline
  • Manager Referral

25. Organizational Feedback

  • Purpose: Help organization monitor the
  • progress and quality of the Program and
  • gather information from the
  • program to improve management
  • and policy delivering
  • Contents: Regular Statistical Feedback Report
  • Immediate Feedback System
  • on manageme