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In 2010, Art Therapy Without Borders organized a collaborative art event where art therapists and art therapy students living all over the world participated in an international postcard art exchange. This presentation features the project, its impact, and the role of art and social networking to connect the art therapy community worldwide.

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  • 1.Postmarks from Planet Art Therapy:Art Therapy Without BordersInternational Postcard Art Exchange

2. In 2010, Art TherapyWithout Bordersorganized a collaborativeart event where art therapists and arttherapy students living all over the world participated in aninternational postcard artexchange. Thispresentation features theproject, its impact, and the role of art and socialnetworking to connect the art therapy communityworldwide. 3. Founded in 2010,ATWB is dedicated topromoting internationalart therapy initiatives inmental health,healthcare, & educationworldwide 4. To allow community members from the Art Therapy Alliance, International Art Therapy Organization, and Art Therapy Without Borders to receive postcard art from art therapists and art therapy students living all over the world and to learn about each others work and interests worldwide. Create community, collaboration, and connection for the international art therapy community 5. Mail art is a worldwide cultural movement that involvessending art through the international postal system.The term networking is often used to describe Mail Artactivities, based on the principles of barter and equalone-to-one collaboration. The Mail Art phenomenonhas gradually migrated to the Internet, whose socialnetworks create opportunities for the interactiveprocesses of postal collaborations.Retrieved from Wikipedia: 6. No special theme or media was designated to use.A reminder was given that postcard art will go to destinations around theworld and should be able to withstand this travel! Nancy Dominque Art Therapist, Belgium 7. Include a brief paragraph about your work as an art therapist or arttherapy student. Include whatever you think is interesting about yourwork/studies in art therapy and what art therapy is like where you live. 8. Art therapists and art therapy students participated from:Singapore, France, Slovac Republic, Canada, Ireland,Australia, the UK, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, SouthKorea, Belgium, New Zealand, Hungary, Honduras, the United States, South Africa, Germany, Peru, Bulgaria,Indonesia, Jamaica, Chile, and Hong Kong, China. Over 250 participants in 25 countries 9. The term Social Media refers to theuse of web-based and mobiletechnologies to turn communicationinto an interactive dialogue.Social media are media for socialinteraction, as a superset beyondsocial communication. Enabled byaccessible communication techniques,social media substantially change theway of communication betweenorganizations, communities, as well asindividuals. 10. Promotion and Participation Administration, Photo, & Video Sharing Global Connection, Dialogue & Networking Participant Sharing & Blogging Project Archiving 11. Global networking among art therapy community Empowered art-making Created inspiration and hope Facilitated connection and a sense of community Decreased isolation Learning opportunity and awareness 12. We believe that there is aninvisible and unbreakable redthread connects all those whoare destined to meet and to betogether. Through the ATWBpostcard exchange project,were connected via a redthread and a little piece of theattached art made by me afew days ago.Fiona ChangExpressive Art TherapistHong Kong 13. Ive received some postcards already, each time it is veryexciting. Ive really enjoyed this process of art making. It hasalso made me feel more connection with our community.~Laurie Jarcho, Art Therapist New Haven, Connecticut 14. This postcard art exchangegave me a lot of things. Processof creating my postcard helpedme in different ways: Ive foundmy motto, defined my job more,gave me inspirations to my art-project. Thanks for all those 16postcards what Ive got fromthousands of kilometers farcountries. It was a very goodfeeling to know about everyonein the world who use art-makingfor healing and helping people.As for isolation, this connectionmakes me stronger.~ Monica Kiraly, Budapest, Hungary 15. Each of my postcards have a thread on it which represents asymbolic weaving between all of us. I am enthusiastic aboutthis exchange and I hope to meet each of you one day!~Michela Baretti, Art Therapist, Piario, Italy 16. Yen Chua, Singapore Caroline Maby, France 17. Louise Garland, IrelandElitsa Velikova, Bulgaria 18. Michelle Gerber, GreeceDanielle Deeke, Germany 19. Janet McLeod, New ZealandJihyun Hwang, South Korea 20. Mariana Santistevan, Peru Anriet van Deventer-South Africa 21. Debbie Anderson, CanadaRenald Navilly, Australia 22. Ardhana Riswarie, Indonesia Johanna Pohlmann, Honduras 23. Lesli-Ann Belnavis, JamaicaJana Ratraova, Slovakia 24. Summary of work/studies, art therapy interests Hope for art therapy to become more recognized Enthusiasm & passion for art therapy Including website, blog, Facebook page, e-mail Large participation from students, new professionals Educators introducing project to students Gratitude towards project, intention, and participants 25. Individuals who signed up for the exchange and did not or could not follow through with making & sending postcards Change in mailing address, misplaced mailing lists How to safely mail postcard art, mail/post delivery Making/Sending original art vs. reproduced art? 26. ATWB Facebook Page Google Virtualinteractive map Postcard ArtSlideshow 27. atwb.orgarttherapywithoutborders.orgGretchen Miller MA,