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2. Handling of Bariatric RemainsRemoval, Transportation, Cremation& Embalming Presented by:Joseph Krier of Professional Transport andDiane Smith of National Mortuary Shipping 3. Facts On Obesity By the year 2019, obesity will become the number one cause ofdeath in America 130 million adult Americans are overweight...10 million areconsidered morbidly obese 10 years from now almost of all burials will be in oversizedcaskets Approximately 300 oversized caskets are sold every day 4. So how does this affect me? Staff restrictions Vehicle restrictions Equipment limitations Facility limitations Disposition methods 5. Staff Restrictions How many people will this take? Are the employees available? Are my employees physicallycapable? 6. Vehicle Restrictions Is my vehicle capable ofhandling oversized remains? 7. Vehicle Options 8. Equipment Limitations Does my equipment have weight limitations? 9. Bariatric Solutions 10. Facility Limitations Do I need to worry about stairs? 11. Facility Limitations Are my doors wide enough? 12. Facility Limitations Do I need to worry about tightcorners or hallways? 13. Do I have room to store a larger body? Size requirements Moving techniques Equipment requirements Long-term storage 14. Disposition Methods and Techniques1. Shipping2. Cremation3. Embalming4. Casketing5. Service 15. Shipping Container requirements Airline requirements 16. Cremation Container requirements Cremation techniques Equipment requirements 17. Techniques& Equipment Obese procedure versus normalprocedure Proven tips and techniques Embalming fluids 18. Equipment: Table Lift Instruments 19. Recommended Items for the Prep Room 20. Casketing Dressing Casketing techniques 21. Service Respectful transportation Final disposition 22. Questions and Answers 23. Thank YouFromProfessional Transport AndNational Mortuary Shipping