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My Aloe Story

My Aloe StoryWhat I have experienced!! By Krati

The Aloe Vera Gel Acidity ControlI have been suffering of chronic gastritis and acidity for years. This meant atleast once a week, I had discomfort and migraine-like HEADACHES that lasted upto 3 days. I took anadin, disprin, dygiene, and the list continues.. In quantities that wouldve meant havoc for me in long run.Drinking Aloe vera gel for 15 days straight started showing me changes, I had clear bowel movements. Felt much lighter in mornings and energetic. Also, no acidity attack happened till then.Regularly taking Aloe vera gel, 60mls a day has made these discomforts a monthly thing for me. So much so, I am already forgetting I ever had those. Even if I get one, it clears up with 1 Anadin and 1 pudin hara.So Happy ME!!!

My Kids love it too!!I have cut down drastically on my Tixylix purchases over the last 3months. This for 2 children meant, 30 a month.Now my children are less sick, love their new medicine as it doesnt taste bad (My 14 month old is still a pain to get that spoonful in!!) but she loves Aloe Gelly. She sleeps so well with her Aloe Heat Lotion on if she has a blocked nose. Takes 7 days to cure with this treatment but isnt it the same with any!My 4 year old comes with a bruise and loves the cooling sensation of Aloe vera gelly. One cold from December15 till date.. Not bad huh.. And we love our Hand & Face Soap (Actually our body wash too)

Aloe Jojoba Shampoo & ConditionerFrankly, I rejected it in first instance. But then I continued using it and my hairfall (thanks to UKs very hard water) is now down to a minimum. My hubby returned tiffin one day, it had a hair . Its all lovely, shiny and dandruff is gone too.Anti-nits and so safe for children.You can do a spa with the conditioner. Smells so unisex. We love it as a family.

Arthritis and Joint PainMostly an age related problem, the pain is really unbearable for our elderly or just anyone effected by it. My Mother-In-Law (read MIL) was no exceptionOn the Freedom Aloe Drinking gel for 2 months now, she is back to sitting on ground for her Puja and loves it totally.She is very particular about taste and the orange flavour does the trick as well.I take the normal gel, but was prone to pains and aches in my joints due to weight. I came with ortho-bands for every part that pained and I am looking to put them on gumtree now.. Sic

Cardiovascular Health..This one comes from my husband. He came to UK with a pre-diabetic condition, a slightly high BP, and a deteriorating lipid profile. We made healthier choices, cholesterol free, sugar free etc but he still seemed to feel better when on medicines.We ended up the first stock and started him on Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Arctic Sea and Argi+ , plus gymming. Surprised as much as he was, his reports started to change for better even though he was travelling extensively throughout our trial period.He loves his new energy levels and enjoys each of these products.

My Cleanse 9We do what is called Navratre in India. Right. All our rituals are science based and so I really loved this connect. You This cleanse 9 is a 9 day diet that can help you look better and feel better in just 9 days, without starving. I lost weight, inches and got into a fitness routine like never before and best part, I managed to keep it off as well!!Its a lifestyle change and fit perfectly well around my very busy schedule, as it does for many of my customers. So ideal to treat those pot-bellies as a result of sitting long busy hours. So easy and convenient.I now drink decaff coffee and make calorie counted healthier choices most times..

Last but not the least..Aloe is known to help with skin conditions and we have an amazing Sonya Range to help us through. I know Clinique and Clarins converted people.Being in business I have many client experiences too, ask me if you wish. Talk to me just if you wish to even know more, its not necessary that you buy!!Currently Buy1 Get1 free, or 50% off on most mineral makeup range.Like my page and be updated about what its all about