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  • 1. Mothers Choice CAS ProjectBy: Lucius, Guy, Marcus, Jamie, Boris , Nicholas,Steven & Edward
  • 2. What is Mothers Choice?Founded in 1987 by 4 individuals to address the issue of unwed mothers and thesocial stigma attached to single mothersMothers Choice provides loving and nurturing care for babies who need permanenthomesMothers Choice also provides adoption information, relevant education andcounseling, foster care, staffed drop-in centres, and care for children with specialneedsSince 1995 Mothers Choice has expanded its outreach assisting partner services inChina, India, and CambodiaMothers choice is staffed by both professionals and volunteers
  • 3. Milestones Mothers Choice1987 Mothers Choice founded by 4 individuals in Hong Kong1995 Mothers Love established in Nanning, China2001 Mothers Hope established in Dimapur, India2007 Mothers Choice Support Centre Opened in Tsim ShaTsui, Kowloon2010 Mothers Hope established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia2010 Hong Kong Social Welfare Department grants MothersChoice Adoption Accredidation2012 Mothers Choice Opens Support Centre in Kwun Tong2013 Mothers Choice provides outreach education, adoptionservices, foster care services, special needs services, smallgroup homes
  • 4. WHY MOTHERS CHOICE(for CAS Project)Mothers Choice continues to provide a relevant and muchneeded service in Hong Kong which is dependent on volunteersupportSingle motherhood and unwanted pregnancies are still regardedwith some degree of prejudiceChildren with special needs, adopted children, and children infoster care all need the support of the community at largeWorking with Mothers Choice will help us better understandsocial issues that exist within the greater community of HongKong.
  • 5. What we will get out of thisCAS ProjectLearn more about the issues of adoption, foster care, andcommunity based education on social issuesHelp the organization through our effortsRaise awareness within our school to the work and importance ofMothers Choice and its affiliated centres in China, India, andCambodiaProvide a service to a much needed social issueBecome more aware of the greater community at large in HongKong
  • 6. Our Ideas For Helping Mothers Choice1. Raising Money through Bake Sales, Pizza sales, externalfunding2. Advertising Mothers Choice3. Raise awareness of state of orphans in Hong Kong4. Find Sponsorship for Mothers Choice5. Contact big firms or big names to support our cause andspeak up for our ideals6. Buy Supplies such as blankets, toys, clothes, books andso on to give to orphans7. Provide administration and other non-contact jobs thatthey may need
  • 7. CAS Week PlanIntroduction:When we thought about how we could plan aCAS week, around this charity, we thoughtthat we needed to find a way to give back, butto give back effectively. Prior to any research,we thought our CAS week MUST be basedaround actually helping at the Charities,although after some further thinking werealised that there could be other ways tohelp the charity instead of hindering it.
  • 8. CAS week planResearch:Our research to work their was based on tryingto help our charity with the most effect. Afterreading this newsletter from the CEO of ourcharity, we were keen to avoid actuallyvolunteering at the charity.
  • 9. CAS week planThe Letter:Dear friends,In 2012, Mothers Choice celebrated 25 years of caring for the HK community. We would not be where we are todaywithout the support of the many volunteers over the years who have committed selflessly and tirelessly to champion ourcause and walk alongside us. The road feels less lonely and hard with so many kindred spirits who want to love andcare for the many babies, special needs children and young girls who need our services. We know that you are one ofthem, but that you have not yet had the opportunity to be actively involved.We have been overwhelmed by very generous offers to volunteer time from all corners of the Hong Kong community,but we have not had the resources to manage the requests. My commitment to you is that we are proactively reviewingall aspects of our Volunteer Engagement Programme to ensure that it opens the door to many more volunteers like youwho want to give back to the community through Mothers Choice. We still need Hong Kongs help for every child wetake in, we are forced to turn one away due to lack of funding.Thank you again for your heart to serve and for your commitment to women and children in Hong Kong through Mothers Choice.Gratefully yours,Alia EyresCEOMothers Choice is struggling to work to its fullpotential due to lack of funding. We are a schoolthat is literally 5 minutes away from them, we havehelped them before, can we continue to help themagain and more?
  • 10. CAS week planHIKE FOR HONG KONG AND MOTHERS CHOICE - we propose to help promote our CAS week by highlightinghealth, the environment, and, ultimately, Mothers Choice by doing a hike in a different country park eachday over the five days of the CAS Week. We will endeavour to have students, friends, and family to sponsoreach of us (with a monetary pledge) with all funds to be donated to Mothers Choice and have this earmarkedfor a specific Mothers Choice project like assisting the drop-in centres or buying milk for the babies). Thehikes, while for a charitable cause, are also to highlight the importance of exercise and the wonderful"green" legacy we have in Hong Kong with our country parks.1. MONDAY: TAI TAM - Hike Stage 6 of the Hong Kong Trailwalker through Tai Tam Country Park - HongKongs largest country park (1,315 hectares; 20% of Hong Kong Island area) and home to many rare plants andbirds.
  • 11. 2. TUESDAY: ABERDEEN COUNTRY PARK - at 423 hectares Aberdeen is one of the smaller of ourcountry parks but it affords visitors some of the most beautiful of views - Aberdeen includes "BlacksLink" which Island School students all know from our cross-country runs. Aberdeen Country Park is awonderful place to see the Black Kite which is the most commonly seen raptor in Hong Kong. Eachday, at sunset, the skies above the country park are full of these wonderful birds.We plan to hike the Aberdeen Tree Walk and Blacks Link Trail a total of about 7 kilometres.
  • 12. 3. WEDNESDAY: SHEK O - Situated on the southeastern corner of Hong Kong Island, Shek O is a 701hectare park which includes the famous "Dragons Back" one of the most dramatic trails along theHong Kong Trail Walker Circuit. Shek O affords hikers with some of the most stunning ocean views,rugged mountain terrain, and for nature lovers marine birds, and some of Hong Kongs rarest faunaincluding such elusive animals as the pangolin and the reclusive leopard cat. We plan to hike Stage8 of the Trail Walker which includes the Dragons Back.
  • 13. 4. THURSDAY: POK FU LAM - Although one of Hong Kongs smaller country parks, at 270 hectares,PokFu Lam has the oldest reservoir which was first designed in 1863 just 20 years after the British plantedtheir flag on Hong Kong Island. Pok Fu Lam is includes the first two stages of the Hong Kong Trail andoffers visitors some of the most accessible hiking and walking trails on the island. Visitors are treatedto the unique juxtaposition of Hong Kongs urban and natural environments which is great forphotography. There is also a "native tree trail" that highlights some indigenous tree species like theHong Kong Gordonia and the Slash pine. Native animal species include the Styan Squirrel and ChinesePorcupine as well as many different bird species like the black kite, the Chinese Bulbul, and the BlueMagpie. We plan to hike Stage One of the Hong Kong Trail which is about 7 kilometres.
  • 14. 5. FRIDAY: LION ROCK - Our last hike for Mothers Choice is historic Lion Rock on the KowloonPeninsula; this is the first of the country parks to be opened in Hong Kong (June 24, 1977). The parkcovers some 557 hectares and includes some of Hong Kongs most beloved rock forms - Amah Rock andLion Rock both steeped in local folk legends. Rising to 495 metres in height Lion Rock is the mostdramatic mountain