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Power point of milk it is very interesting!



2. Experiment of laboratory 3. Introduction of theory -If you have milk pasteurization and milk homogenization and are expedite only one you can drink. Why? -The milk pasteurization you can drink, because in the first there are any bacteria and It cant do anything. -The milk homogenization you cant drink, because there are a few bacteria and it take substance of milk and make acid, and this acid make lumps. 4. MATERIALS Beaker Erlenmeyer flask 100ml Dropping pipette 1ml Vacuum pipette Glass rod Reagents: UHT milk good acid (vinegar) acetic acid. 5. Process 6. First heat up the milk for drawn on the process 7. We put the milk on the Erlenmeyer flask and add the acetic acid 8. It is mixing with the glass wind, You can see that the milk there are little lumps 9. This is the expired milk 10. View: is white, has a few bubbles. 11. Taste: mild taste, but in our opinion the milk alone is not very good, its better with sugar or ColaCao. 12. Smell: makes a smell that is not people strong rather loose. 13. GOAT MILK 14. VIEW Is a bit yellowish, has no bubbles as the cow's milk and is brilliant. 15. SMELL It has a strong smell, much more than that of the cow. 16. TASTE The principle when the evidence you a taste loudly, but when you have the tragas will much more forteta