Mental health alcohol & drug nurse practitioner collaborative

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  • Mental Health Alcohol & Drug Nurse Practitioner CollaborativeEmerging OST prescribersBy Rose McCrohanCo-Chair MHAODNP Collaborative

  • Meet to advance the role of MH & AOD Nurse Practitioners. The MHADNPC commenced in mid 2008 on potential Nurse Practitioner models and to present clinical cases. Meetings rotated between rural and metropolitan venues and continue to do so. Membership of the Collaborative is open to representatives from any MH or AOD service in Victoria currently engaged in or contemplating the development of NP and Candidate roles either for themselves or for their organisation.

  • In July 2009, the first 3 NP's were endorsed and as of September 2014, there are now 30 NP's endorsed in areas such as aged mental health, adult and community, youth & adolescence, eating disorder, alcohol and drugs. emergency department, specialist pharmacotherapy, consultation liaison, private practice and other areas within MH & AOD.The Collaborative meetings attract 30 to 35 NP's and candidates and is a forum for professional development and presentations from both endorsed NP's and external presenters on advanced practice topics.

  • NPs endorsed to prescribe Methadone and SuboxoneAll have undertaken the requirements of the Drugs and Poisons Legislation and completed the Pharmacotherapy prescribers course at various locations in Victoria.

    Ivanhoe, Footscray, Melbourne, Bendigo, Geelong, Wodonga, Wangaratta, Traralgon

    NPCs Footscray x 2, Bendigo x 1, Traralgon x 2


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