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Mental Health After a Car Accident

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Mental Check After an Accident

Checking Your Mental Health After an AccidentAutomobile accidents are one of the most common, yet overlooked sources of psychological trauma.Most people will be involved in an automobile accident at some point in their lifeLuckily, a lot of accidents arent fatal, but what most people dont think about are the mental effects that often cause more harm than the physical, and can take much longer to recover from. Even the most minor incident has the ability to cause long term anxiety, fears, and phobias about driving. How it HappensBut its not the fact that determine whether an event is traumatic or not. What matters is your own emotional experience of the event.

It was once assumed that people who have more severe physical injuries from car accidents are more likely to have psychological issues as well.

Sometimes, it Happens QuicklyA doctor can usually diagnose how long it will take to recover from physical injuries but the problem with psychological damage is there is no way to tell how long it will last. In typical cases it takes about three months to a year.Sometimes, it DoesntAll too often, victims are stuck with persistent issues and anxiety disorders which dont develop until after the accident, sometimes even after the physical injuries have healed

And surprisingly, most people who get persistent anxiety werent drivers, but passengers in the accident.

What is a Mental Injury?Emotional and psychological trauma is the result of an extraordinarily stressful event that shatters your sense of security, making you feel helpless and vulnerable. Its usually life threatening, butany situation that makes you feel overwhelmed and alone can be traumatic, even if it doesnt cause physical harm.

What are the Signs?You may even be nervous when passing the site of the accident, seeing similar road conditions, or traveling in the vehicle involved in the accident or even just seeing a similar car.

You may be anxious when driving or riding in cars, or even avoid cars altogether.How Bad Can it Get?Although most people associate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with soldiers after they have been to war, it is now widely recognized that PTSD symptoms can arise in any person that has survived a traumatic event, car accidents being one of the leading causes.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, causes depression, hopelessness, and a general inability to feel positive emotions. Victims feel the need to replay the experience over and over again in their head.

They also tend to avoid anything associated with the accident in any way, shape, or form.

When to Seek HelpMental distress from a car accident is common to an extent. But if two to three months have gone by and you still avoid certain driving situations, have persistent thoughts or dreams about the accident, or are still experiencing any bad feelings that arent normal for you, you should seek help from someone qualified in PTSD treatment.

How to CopeOther than talking to someone, all you can really do is take care of yourself.

Even if you dont feel that your symptoms are severe enough to seek professional help, it cant hurt to talk about your experience with loved ones. Exercise regularly Rest plenty Keep a routine

Stay activeSurround yourself with support

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