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  • 1. HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Iowa HIMSS Fall 2007 Chapter Meeting www.themegallery.com

2. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Where in the world is Mt. Pleasant, IA? 30 Miles West of Burlington / 50 Miles South of Iowa City 3. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence About Henry County Health Center Vision - To be the healthcare provider and employer of choice. http://www.hchc.org FY2007 Operating Statistics Total Beds: 25-Bed Critical Access Hospital (49 Bed LTC Unit) Employees: 300 Total Outpatient Visits: 49,963 Total Discharges: 459 Gross Revenue: $39,802,000 Net Revenue: $25,583,000 I.T. Department FTEs: 4 1 Full Time Clinical Analyst (Reports to Vice President of Patient Services) 1 Physician (Retired) Dedicated to I.T. Support and Training 1 Physician (Active) Medical Director of I.T. (Serves on Steering Committee) I.T. Department Operating Budget:$340K I.T. Department Human Resource Budget:$235K 4. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Misconceptions About Most Wired The Most Wired award is based on how many miles of cable have been run throughout the organization 5. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Misconceptions About Most Wired The Most Wired award is based on the personality or caffeine intake of the CIO / I.T. Director 6. www.themegallery.com The nations 100 Most Wired Hospitals and Health Systems have better outcomes than other hospitals on four key measures: mortality rates, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Qualitys patient safety measures, the Joint Commissions Core Measures and average length of stay. This is the strongest evidence in the nine-year history of the survey of an association between the implementation and adoption of information technology and the quality and cost of patient care. HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence The Most Wired Vision The Most Wired award was incorporated into the hospital strategic plan in 2003 7. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence The Most Wired Vision *From the Book Good to Great by Jim Collins How does greatness happen? In building greatness there is no single defining action, no grand program, no one killer innovation, no solitary lucky break, no miracle moment Rather, the process resembles relentlessly pushing a giant, heavy flywheel in one direction, turn upon turn, building momentum until a point of breakthrough and beyond.This is known as the Flywheel Concept. 8. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence About Henry County Health Center Key Vendor Relationships *Computer Programs and Systems (CPSI)- Health Information System, EMR *GE- Centricity EMR, Centricity Physician Office, Centricity PACS 3M- Coding and Reimbursement Nuance- Voice Recognition, Dictation Innovision Corporation- CheckUp Personal Health Manager HealthStream- Online Education and Training System PGP- Encryption *ProcessData- Employee Portal Global Health Exchange (GHX)- Supply Chain Management StayWell Custom Communication- Health Content, Calculators, Animations *Neotool, LLC- Interface Engine, HL7 Integration Consulting *NetDirect Systems- Physician Portal, Security Consulting Verizon Wireless- Mobile Solutions VeriSign- Web Site Certificates SunGard Availability Services- Business Continuity Dell- WorkstationsHewlett Packard- Servers CDW- Other Hardware Cisco- Infrastructure Symbol- Wireless Infrastructure *HCHC is a showcase or reference hospital for vendor 9. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence The Most Wired Benchmark Survey Wired for Business Processes:Electronically managing inpatient beds; checking drug supply for expiration dates and product recalls. Wired for Customer Service:Providing patients with online test results, prescription refills, appointment scheduling, and tracking of chronic conditions; offering in-hospital Internet or wireless access. Wired for Safety and Quality:Minimizing medication errors through bar coding and electronic drug-dispensing devices; providing online access to the results of imaging tests such as MRIs and EKGs; using automated alerts to prevent drug interactions or identify critical vital sign values in real time. Wired for Workforce Management:Enabling online training and continuing medical education; posting human resources information online. Wired for Public Health and Safety:Safeguarding medical information online; tracking trends in infections, conditions, and diseases; being able to rapidly restore clinical information in the event that a disaster causes data loss. 10. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Wired for Business Processes (Highlights) Med/Surg and Pharmaceutical Automated Supply Chain (GHX) Bar Code Technology - Equipment, Patients, Staff, Blood Supply, Surgical Supplies, Medical Supplies, Medication (Bulk),Medication (Unit Dose), Lab Samples Manage Supply Recall and Expiration Dates - Mixture of Manual, Electronic Cabinets, Bar Coding Payer Transactions - All EDI Single Unified Wireless InfrastructureElectronic Bed Boards - Med/Surg and Emergency Room 11. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Wired for Customer Service (Highlights) Web Site / Patient Portal, including Pay Bill On-Line Preregister for Services Update Insurance Information Health Information / Education Hospital News / CalendarMaps / Directions Job Postings Health News / Publications Provider Directory Patient Satisfaction Info Volunteer Opportunities Living Will Forms Donations Services Index Pictures of Newborns Ability to Create Medical History 3-D Tour of Hospital Specific Information on Alzheimer's, Dementia, Stroke, Cancer, Asthma, Depression, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Heart Disease, Hypertension, HIV / AIDS, Obesity, Pain Management, Substance Abuse, Womens Health and much, much more. Chronic Disease Management (Manually Entered) -Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Disease, and much more. Patient Access to Internet (Bedside) Provide Equipment and Connection Internet Access for Patients and Visitors Lobby, Waiting Rooms, Patient Rooms 12. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Wired for Safety and Quality (Highlights) 100% of Medication Orders Entered Electronically (Nurses and Pharmacists) BCMA - Bar Coding Matching of Drug to Patient and Order at Bedside Over 80% of Patient Record Available as Part of EMR EMR accessible through Physician Portal from any location with Internet access and from any location with cellular service through the use of hospital provided cellular air cardsOver 80% of our physicians access hospital EMR and ambulatory EMR through the Physician Portal (including outside specialists) Robust HL7 environmentfacilitates information sharing between the hospital and physician clinic e Prescribing 13. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Wired for Safety and Quality (Highlights) Radiologist 1 Radiologist 2 Radiologist 3 Radiologist 4 Radiologist 5 Diagnostic quality PACS images (Radiology, Cardiology, Neurology, and Nuclear Medicine) are available in the hospital, clinics, physician offices, and radiologists homes 14. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Wired for Workforce Management (Highlights) Employee Portal / Clinician Portal available internally and from any location with Internet or cellular access Portal Includes Benefits Information Employee Handbooks / Policies Flexible Spending Accounts Retirement Fund Management Education Enrollment On-Line Application for Employment On-Line Competency Testing Online Education and Training On-Line Pre-employment Screening On-Line Resources for Education / Events On-Line Resources for Health and Safety Posting of Employment Opportunities Reporting Employee Injury Over 40 On-Line FormsLinks to Clinical Resources Links to Clinical Applications On-Line Forums Much, Much More Also available electronically, either by e-mail or specific client / server application Employee Time Recording (Biometric) Enrollment (Dental, Health, Life) Payroll Deductions (Cafeteria System) Employee Time Off Request Workforce Management Tools Enterprise HR Management System 15. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Wired for Public Health and Safety (Highlights) Security Technologies in use at HCHC Audit Tracking Digital Signatures Passwords Biometrics Encryption Off-Site Backups Physical Device Locks Digital Certificates Firewall Spyware Filters Content Filters Pop-Up Blockers Proximity Systems Single Sign Off Storage Area Network Business Continuity Plan - Tested Quarterly, Mission Critical Operations Restored in < 72 Hours Patient Portal - Personal Health Record 16. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Other Technologies ASP for Multiple Physician Clinics - Clinical and Financial Applications Help Desk Tracking System - Auto-notifications to technicians and users Monitoring System (Monitors servers, connections, humidity, temperature, hard disk space, etc.) Newly Constructed I.T. Training Room with Thin Client Stations Host Iowa CPSI User Group Web Site Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) Ethernet Security Cameras and Recorders Lifeline 17. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Results Patient Satisfaction (FY02 - 86.7% to FY07 - 90.2%) Physician Satisfaction Employee Satisfaction (Turnover FY03 - 15.89% to FY07 - 11%)AR Days (FY02 - 110 to FY07 - 47)Medication Errors (56% Reduction - BCMA) Charge Capture Question on Employee Satisfaction Survey:I have the right materials, technology, and equipment to do my job well. (FY03 - 82% to FY07 - 88%) 18. www.themegallery.com HCHC I.T. Performance Excellence Future Projects Web Site Redesign - Content Management System (FY08) Multimedia Content added to Web Site - Audio / Podcasts ofe Health Newsletters, Audio / Podcasts of Test and Procedures, Procedure Videos, and Clinical Wi