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  • 1. Personal Tracking as Lived Informatics John Rooksby, Mattias Rost, Alistair Morrison, Matthew Chalmers University of Glasgow
  • 2. Personal Tracking Physical Devices Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, Jawbone Up, pedometers Mobile phone apps Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal
  • 3. Quantied Self & Personal Informatics Quantied Self - Optimization PI: Finance, communication, photography, travel, etc Li et al: Preparation, collection, integration, reection, action choose what they are going to do with the newfound understanding of themselves
  • 4. Activity Tracking Research Research focused on researcher-supplied technology not on technology people use Do people change behaviour because they use technology, or do they use technology because they want to change?
  • 5. Method 22 Unstructured Interviews + follow-up interviews 10-90 minutes
  • 6. Participants 12M, 10F, 20s (11), 30s (8), 40s (3) UK, America, Europe, China, India Students, Admins, Finance, Nurse, Unemployed Able bodied, 7 runners, 2 training for marathons, 1 cross-country race, serious cyclist, 6 regular sports players, 8 no exercise but walking, 7 obese, 1 weight- loss surgery Most concerned about weight, all but two on a diet
  • 7. Activities Walking Physical exercise (running, cycling, swimming) Food and Drink Weight and size Sleep Nothing pretty watch
  • 8. What to track with what Selective Tracking Switching between Trackers
  • 9. Styles of tracking Directive Tracking Documentary Tracking Diagnostic Tracking Collecting Rewards Fetished Tracking
  • 10. Interweaving Trackers More than one tracker at once, including crossover functionality Often one tracker per activity Not to rationally organize their data
  • 11. Using Data Some care about accuracy, others dont mind Some shake their pedometers, some would not
  • 12. Temporality of Data Mainly short term. (Should I go for a run?) Compare to previous measurement Some accrue long-term data, but rarely look at it
  • 13. Social Tracking All said they did not share to social networks (but did among friends) Used as a co-present activity Symbol of shared outlook (concerned colleagues)
  • 14. Lived Informatics Tracking is an emotional endeavour (c.f. Li et al.) Tracking is about where you are heading in life not where you have been Not doing data analysis about their bodies but doing something deeply emotional and often passionately focused on a future
  • 15. Thanks @johnrooksby, @rrostt, @MorrisonAJ Personal Tracking as Lived Informatics John Rooksby, Mattias Rost, Alistair Morrison, Matthew Chalmers
  • 16. Design implications? People are not rational data scientists -> look at app use Social Tracking -> consider co-presence rather than social media sharing Support interweaving besides integration Evaluate more than improvements in activity -> consider emotionality, hope, and fun Attend to the physicality