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  • Alabama State Nurses Association Legislative Workshop Update: Alabamas Health and Legislation Dr. Lori Lioce, CRNP September 30, 2010
  • Alabama Statistics Alabama Legislature Overview State Health Authority OverviewStrategies/Issues/Recommendations Letter Writing NP Update
  • The question is:Are you concerned about the following issues? Safe nurse staffing standards Scope of practice Prohibition of mandatory overtime Safe patient handling no manual lifting Malpractice reform Reimbursement Nursing education funding Public health funding Continuing education Funding for uninsured Monetary/scholarship support for nursing education, certification, and training Licensure issues Nurse retention/shortage Health care access Safe work environment
  • ALABAMA OBESITY (49 th/32.2%)
  • ALABAMA SMOKING (41st/22.2%)
  • AlabamaMedicarePatients w/ ICU stay in last 6months:AL 38%
  • AL HealthRankings(-0.546) States with +Changes2008-09
  • Alabamas Infant Mortality 2009 48th
  • Alabama AllDeterminants vs. US 43rd
  • Alabama vs. U.S. AllOutcomes2001-09 49th
  • Alabama Legislature Facts Quadrennium (4-year period) 1st Year: 1st Tuesday in March 2nd Year: First Tuesday in February 3rd Year: First Tuesday in February 4th Year: 2nd Tuesday in January Regular Annual Session No more than 30 Legislative (meeting) days, within a 105 Calendar day period Tuesdays/Thursday Sessions Committee Meetings on Wednesdays.
  • Alabama House & Senate Standing Committee Meetings open to public Call ahead to meet with Legislators ALISON Galleries: Senate 8th & House 6th Floor Alabama State Legislature 11 South Union Street Montgomery, AL 36130 Senate: (334) 242-7800 House: (334) 242-7600
  • Alabama State Senate (7th Floor) Secretary of the Senate & Senate Staff (7th Floor) Senate Gallery (8th Floor)Senate Committee Meeting Rooms (6th & 7th Floors) Lt. Governor (7th Floor) House of Representatives (5th & 6th Floors) Clerk of the House & House Staff (5th Floor) House Gallery (6th Floor) House Committee Meeting Rooms (6th Floor) Speaker of the House (5th Floor) Legislative Reference Service (6th Floor) Legislative Fiscal Office (6th Floor) Legislative Reapportionment Office (8th Floor) Joint Briefing Room (8th Floor) Governors Legislative Office (2nd Floor) State Budget Office (2nd Floor) Attorney General (3rd & 4th Floors)
  • State Representatives (House) 105 Members each represent ~40K 4 year term (no limit) Must be 21 and citizen for 3 years Lived in their District for 1 year Revenue raising matters must originate in the House (like US Congress). Quorum of 53 members to conduct business Majority of quorum can pass any bill except a constitutional amendment, which requires 63 votes Appropriation to a non-government organization such as a private college requires a two-thirds vote of those elected Exclusive power to originate revenue bills, such legislation can be amended and/or substituted by the Senate
  • HouseDistricts
  • Alabama Senate 35 Senators representing 125,000 Alabamians Must be 25, Citizen for 3 years and lived in their District for 1 4 year term (midnight day elected) Governor fills vacancy The Senate is considered to be the "deliberative body", rules concerning length of debate are more liberal than those of the House of Representatives. Alabama Senate is precisely one-third the size of the House of Representatives Lieutenant Governor of Alabama is ex officio President of the Senate Elects President Pro-Tempore (for a time) Article IX, Sections 197 and 198
  • ALABAMA LEGISLATURE PASSAGE OF A HOUSE BILL Introduction in the Committee hearings, Reported fromHouse, first reading, and discussion, etc. Bill may committee, secondreferral to appropriate die in committee from reading, and placement committee. lack of action or by vote. on calendar. If bill passes, it is sent to the Senate. If not, bill may Amendments, debate, receive no further third reading and vote on consideration, unless passage. reconsidered.
  • SENATE BILL PASSAGE First reading and referral to Committee hearings, discussion, appropriate committee in the etc. Bill may die in committee Senate. from lack of action or by vote. Amendment, debate, third reading and vote on passage. If itReported from committee, second fails to pass, it may receive no reading, and placement on further consideration, unless calendar. reconsidered.
  • If Bill passesIn identical form by both houses, it is returned to House, enrolled, signed by presiding officers of both bodies, and sent to the Governor.With a Senate amendment and the House concurs, it is enrolled, signed by presiding officers of both bodies, and sent to the Governor.With a Senate amendment and the House does not concur, bill may be sent to conference committee composed of members of both bodies.And Conference committee agrees to a compromise, report of conference committee is sent to both bodies. If not, bill dies from lack of action or another conference committee may be appointed to try to resolve differences.And both bodies accept compromise, bill is enrolled, signed by the presiding officers of both bodies, and sent to the Governor.
  • ES LAW BEC OMB ILL If, having been vetoed If Governor fails to by Governor, it is re- sign while Legislature passed by a majorityIf Governor signs; is in session, as vote of both bodies. If provided by the not re-passed, bill is Constitution; or dead.
  • Alabama Statistics Alabama Legislature Overview State Health Authority OverviewStrategies/Issues/Recommendations Letter Writing NP Update
  • ASNA NPAA ALANA Nursing Coalition Black Nurses AssociationAssociation Schools Nurses ENA AANS NLN Medical MASA Association ALAPAC BMEAL Health Dept. of Public Health MASARegulation ABON Joint Committee
  • Nursing 65,000 Medicine 7,000 90% 1500 6200 Legislature Coalition MASA ASNA BME NPAA DPH
  • "The Board functions through the StateCommittee of Public Health as constituted byCode of Ala. 1975, 2224, which is composed of12 members of the Medical Association of theState

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