Laura Deleruyelle: Sugar Maladies

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  • Laura Deleruyelle :

    Talking About Sugar Maladies

  • Laura Deleruyelle has been working to educate people about the harmful effects of sugar. Before sugar enters the bloodstream from the digestive tract, it gets broken down and degraded into two simple sugars, glucose, and fructose.

    While glucose is quite useful, as it is used in every single cell on Earth, fructose is not produced in our bodies, as we have no physical need for the substance.

    Fructose can do harmful things to the liver, like clog it with fat, leading to a number of other issues that can cause health complications.

  • Laura Deleruyelle notes that studies over the years have revealed that sugar is not just an empty calorie that can cause weight gain, but also that it can be one of the most harmful things that you can eat.

    While sugar provides bursts of energy that can be useful, the trouble is that sugar is often consumed far more than it needs to be, causing a big discrepancy in general diets.

    Sugar is basically almost pure energy as far as your body is concerned.

  • Laura Deleruyelle notes that sugar is also terrible because it has no vitamins, minerals, essential fats or protein, which is not the case for most other foods that we ingest.

    Another reason sugar is so terrible for you is because sugars like high fructose corn syrup and sucrose, are dense in calories, which make it pleasing to the palette, but contain to essential vitamins or nutrients.

    This is where the phrase empty calories come from, as they do not do anything more for your body than provide excess energy you likely do not need.

  • Laura Deleruyelle believes one problem with sugar consumption is that people are eating 20% and more of their daily nutritional value of calories in sugar.

    This is a nightmare for your body, as it needs more than just energy to run, but many essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins in order to carry out cellular functions and maintain homeostasis.

    That is why she suggests a balanced diet that is rich in essential fats and proteins, while minimizing carbohydrates.

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