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Ischemia repuefusion by momen

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Ischemia-Reperfusion SyndromeBy Momen Ali Khan


Restoration of blood flow to ischemic tissues can promote recovery of cells if they are reversibly injured, but can also paradoxically exacerbate the injury and cause cell death.

Systemic hypoperfusion causes-Tissue hypoxia Local activation of inflammation

These two effects leads to cellular and organ damage

Cellular and organ damage causes

Acid and potassium loadActivation of cellular and humoral complement by hypoxia

Cellular and humoral component-

ComplementNeutrophilMicrovascular thrombi


When circulation established flushing back of cellular and humoral component as well as acid and potassium load into blood .


Cellular and humoral component effect Acute lung injuryAcute renal injuryMultiple organ failure and death

Effects (contd)

Effects of acid and potassium loadMyocardial depressionVasodilatation Further hypotension

Attenuation of reperfusion injury

Reducing the extent and duration of tissue hypoperfusion by appropriate management .