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<ul><li> 1. HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE Personal Development</li></ul> <p> 2. I am shy, I cannot do this, and this is just a few that we hear from others who have lower self confidence capability and their personal development. Lots of people are like this; their self confidence is night a sky scraping just like the others do. Lacking a self confidence in your life might affect you, not just you but the things around you. This is like a domino effect if you cant do this or that the consequences are you will not able to do anything because your lack self confidence. There are lots of people who struggle from this situation from different places and different things. Self confidence is our primary weapon in working ages because if you dont have this thing inside to your heart, you might be stock in there and there is no chance of moving forward. If you are working in an office or in a business, self confidence is your main partner to make things happen and do things to be done. Study show that people that are losing their self confidence has encountered different problems from their past. It might be an embarrassing to them or they experience different negative things in their life. This will make them discourage and lose confidence from whatever they do that is why they let their self confidence die inside them without doing anything from this scenario.Personal Development- 3. There are lots of ways to improve your career development; self confidence can help you throughout your entire career as a worker. You can also use this confidence for someone or something you like. Having a self confidence while you are chasing a dream can help you to succeed.What are the things I must do to improve my self confidence? Here are the guides on how you will improve your self confidencePersonal Development- 4. LEAVE YOUR INSECURITIES Your insecurities will kill yourself confidence that is why you need to set aside these things up and focus on what you are going to be. Some people have these insecurities from someone it maybe their office co workers or friends or any other person who has something big. In building your self confidence leaving your insecurities behind will help you to deal with anything in your life. Leaving your insecurities will trigger your mind that you can deal with people who have this or that. You can improve your socialization if you remove your insecurities. People who have insecurities are people who are fat or ugly removing your insecurities will able you to boost your self confidence and you can make it just like the other guys do. Dont think that you are from them instead treat them as your inspiration that someday you will be like them and you will have what they have.Personal Development- 5. BE POSITIVE Avoid from getting negative from every instance from the situation and other circumstances that are happening in your life. No matter how hard or tough it is there is no place for your negativity because if you are always thinking what are the negative things that are happening in your life you might lose also your confidence and be like the other guy who have given up in their life. Although there are some negative things that are happening in your life you can surpass them by having a good concentration and a good thinking that this situation will be converted into positive. Dont allow negativity enters your mind because you yourself might destroy your own self confidence.Personal Development- 6. BE THANKFULL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE You must be thankful on what you have right now because not all people have what you have appreciate just a little things from your life even though you are not rich or you dont have a hot girlfriend you must be thank full because you are not a beggar or a street people appreciate what you have and if possible improve and grow what you are right now. Be thankful from the things that are happening to your life because anything is happening for a reason so that is why you need to be thankful. For example your co worker has an expensive cell phone while you have only a cheap one, be thankful because you have this phone and you can communicate from every person you have not all people can buy a cell phone that is why you must be thankful.Personal Development- 7. ACCEPT COMPLIMENTS NICELY If you receive compliments from other people from your work or what so ever thing you have done right, accept it in a nice way and be thankful also because people have noticed you from what you are done. Treat this compliments a positive way to grow stronger and believe to yourself, that is how your self confidence is building just continue a good work.STICK TO YOUR PRINCIPLES If you have lots of principle sin life apply it in your personal life, if you choose to avoid drugs, smoking or any other things that might disturb you leave them and focus on what you are doing right now. Always recall these principles and be your strength no matter how hard your situation is your principles in life will help you to be confident that you can.Personal Development- 8. AVOID PERFECTIONISM Avoid perfectionism in everything even in simple things learn to deal with things in your environment, if something fail deal with it dont make the situation worst just do the things that can help this situation to be better and be positive. Dont display perfectionism with your co workers because you might lose friendship and if they encounter serious problem on their work, help them to get through and be nice to them all the time. TALK TO FRIENDS OR YOURE FAMILY If you are lacking self confidence in life then it is about time to talk to your friends and families. Open what you feel and what are the things that keep you down. Im sure that these people will tell what the things to improve are and what you need to do to improve yourself. You need to have an open relationship with your families and friends so that they know what to say to you.Personal Development- 9. IDENTIFY YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS AND SUCCESS This helps you to ignite your fire in the spirit, if you faced gravest challenges from your work or from other things in life, be sure to recall what are your achievements and what are the honors you have accomplish from these challenges. This tells your brain that you have lots of achievement before are going to give up right know where in you have faced lots of challenge in the past? It will boost your moral and ignite the fire inside that is why you need to keep these things for your own good.Self confidence is hard to build even though your personal development is in order. The thing that come first is fear, fear from failing again and again. But in life no matter how hard it is, it is upon your call, if you will give up right now then probably you tell to yourself that you are already a loser. Stand and fight! It is not the end yet work hard now be confident that you can. You can help yourself with your very own career development because you can ease what you are experiencing right now if you know what to do next. Just learn how to fight and trust your self confidence. You will never fail!Personal Development- </p>


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