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Holi Wishes

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  • 1. HAPPY HOLI 2010 Wishing You And Your Family Very Colourful And SplendidHOLI 2010An Appeal You can appreciate the colors of Holi.You can enjoy the beauty of this Festival. You can share this with everyone. Because you are privileged You can SEE.But millions of people in the world cannot.They cant see.Because they have GLAUCOMA. They are BLIND. Vision of a NormalVision in Early Stage Vision in Moderate Vision in End-stage Person Glaucoma GlaucomaGlaucoma Celebrate this FestivalLearn about Glaucoma Promote Glaucoma AwarenessJoin us in the Fight Against Glaucoma Get your Dilated Eye Examination Now !Visit & Join us at: GLAUCOMA AWARENESS WEEK 7-13 MARCH 2010 Issued in Public Interest by Kota Eye Hospital & Research Foundation, Kota (Rajasthan), INDIA

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