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  • 1. Dottie I love to cook, but my kids are concerned because I have left the stove on once or twice. I am a widow living alone and I cherish my independence.

2. I love to cook and have always taken great pride in my cooking abilities and in putting delicious food on the table for my family to enjoy. I have been watching the cooking channel and want to try making new recipes, so I can continue sharing my love for food with my kids and friends. 3. Dr. Joe Dr. Joe would like to keep engaged and utilize his knowledge and skills to contribute to his community. Dr. Joe is an accomplished and renowned scientist. Five years ago, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and his wife, Betty, became 4. After Betty passed away a few months ago, Dr. Joe moved into a memory care community, but he is having a bit of difficulty adjusting to his new home. During his career he managed complex projects and used computers to evaluate the data he gathered. 5. Bob & Shirley Many bills pile up and it's difficult to organize and track Medicare and insurance correspondence. We have been married for 51 years. 6. I take medications for several chronic conditions and Bob had hip surgery a few months ago. We would like to spend more time doing the things we like with our grandkids and friends, but find that a lot of our time is now taken by what seems to be a mountain of paperwork and medical bills! Our daughter gave us a smart-phone last year, but we are still trying to figure out how to use all it's features! 7. Ron & Judith My parents have said they want to be more active, but know they need to be mindful of getting hurt. My parents enjoy playing an occasional round of golf and daily walks in the park until recently. 8. They love their home and neighborhood, but have become increasingly more cautious after a fellow golfer and neighbor, Larry, fell and moved into a nursing home to recover from his injuries. 9. Mary Mary's taste buds and sense of smell are not what they used to be. As a dedicated nurse, Mary always made sure to discuss the importance of a nutritious and healthy diet with her patients. 10. Lately, she has begun to become a bit forgetful and her trips to store have become less frequent. Her family has noticed spoiled food in the fridge, which she doesn't want to throw away because she doesn't want to be wasteful. They are worried she will get sick from eating spoiled food. 11. Bill I like to go outside and smell the flowers and breathe fresh air. As a young man, I hiked, swam and played baseball. In middle age, I ran my first marathon and loved it. When I retired, I took up gardening and won a blue ribbon at the State Fair for my tomatoes! 12. When my health started to decline a few years ago, I took my kids' advice and moved into a nursing home. It's a nice place; the staff is caring and courteous. I'd like to continue to enjoy all the outdoor activities in the place I now call home, without my kids or the staff worrying about me. 13. Janice & Raymond My spouse has declining health and cognition and I feel trapped and afraid sometimes. Raymond and I have been married for 42 years. We traveled extensively and had a very active social life. 14. Over the past 3 years, Raymond's health has declined significantly and he requires constant care. I love him dearly, but I have become increasingly lonely and overwhelmed by the responsibility. 15. Jane Jane lives in a secure memory care community with a VERY loud door bell. My mother has recently moved to a memory care community near our home. I go to see her daily and feel it's important for my children to visit her as often as possible. 16. To gain access, however, we ring a bell that is calibrated to be heard by CNA's at the other side of the building. The sound is jarring to the residents. In addition to mother being agitated when we arrive, the kids are frightened by seeing the distress of their grandma and the other residents. 17. Shirley Physically, I'm not what I used to be, but my mind is as sharp as ever! I recently moved in to a lovely skilled nursing home due to a decline in my physical condition. 18. I know that I need the assistance, but feel so isolated. I'm surrounded with other residents who arent engaged. While I'm physically unable to participate in many activities, my mind is sharp and I feel I have so much more to contribute. 19. Jack I'm a long-distance runner. I still love to compete, but my family is concerned about my safety after experiencing shortness of breath one day. 20. I need something that will help me return to championship form while reassuring my wellbeing and safety. 21. Nellie & Art My husband has Alzheimer's. Old friends sometimes are uncertain how to act around him. Since the onset of the disease, our social life has changed dramatically. 22. I find that fewer friends come around. I wish there was a way that I could make them more comfortable and make sure that Art is included in our social activities. 23. Louise My deafness makes it challenging sometimes to socialize with people I don't know as well. I love people and want to do things and meet new people. 24. Last year, I got hearing aids and boy were they expensive! I tried wearing them, but they've never been comfortable--they irritate my ears and they pick up a lot of background noise, I would love to have something that would allow me to be better company to my friends. 25. Stanley, Sr. Loves to read and be part of book clubs. Many of his friends have moved to be near their children or followed the sun to warmer climates. 26. He misses having a regular group who would tackle subjects, write papers, and present to each other. 27. Maricella I have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, so I am a bit forgetful. But I have always loved ideas (I hold a number of patents) and exploring new things. 28. Most people are unsure how to act around me. How can I engage with people and help them engage with me?" 29. Angelina I want to explore the world and learn a new language- maybe Arabic? 30. I have Multiple Sclerosis and need a wheelchair to get around. I know that over time I will be increasingly challenged physically. I want to continue to grow and explore the world, even as my physical limitations increase. 31. Joan Joan loves to sing and spent years in church choir. She would love to join a church choir and make a connection with others through song. 32. Joan's husband has passed away, and many members of her community have moved. She lives independently by taking buses and walking to neighborhood shops. The city has changed the bus route, and her church is too far to walk." 33. Maria Maria who has dementia and lives in a special "Memory Care" community. Maria was a Buddhist nun for most of her life. 34. Maria has expressed to me that she wishes to connect to others in a spiritual sense. We don't have any Buddhists here, but I think she would benefit from connections with others from her same spiritual tradition. 35. William William I want to contribute to my faith community. I was a lay minister at my church and found the work to be very rewarding. Many people thanked me for the solace and guidance I gave them. 36. I would love to continue making this contribution to my community, but I can't physically get around well anymore. How can I engage and contribute my gifts even with physical limitations.