Happiness formula: Authentic happiness formula

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Happiness formula: Authentic happiness formula. AmAre Way: authentic happiness formula, art of happiness, living joyfully, cultivating subjective well-being. AmAre stands for: Aware (being), Motivated (being), Active (being), Resilient (being), Eating properly. Steps to happiness. AmAre in Italian means "to love". And also interconnectedness: (I) Am (we) Are.


  • 1. Happiness Formula AmAre Way: five steps to happiness www.AmAreWay.org

2. AmAre Way: Five steps to happiness AmAre stands for: A ware (Being) M otivated (being) A ctive (Being) R esilient (being) E ating (properly) 3. AmAre Way: Five steps to happiness In Italian, AmAre means to love. It also shows we are united in an interconnected universe: there is no (I) Am without (We) are. 4. AmAre Way: Five steps to happiness The AmAre framework can be used to make happier and more successful all the aspects of live, including: Relationships, Career, Volunteering, Blogging, etc. 5. AmAre Way: Five steps to happiness Example: AmAre formula forhappier relationshipscan be see on:http://www.amareway.org/amare-applied-to-daily-life/love-formula-formula-for-love/


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