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Haem13 hemolytic anemia - acquired

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JCU Shashi

Never say No, never say, I cannot, for you are infinite. Even time and space are as nothing compared with your nature. You can do anything and everything.

--Swami Vivekananda1Clinical Pathology: RBC 1.3: Hemolytic Anemia - AcquiredCPC: Term2 Week1 - Haem 1/2.System: Haematology - RBC Disorders.Topic: 1: Anemia Intro 2: IDA, MBA & ACD 3: Acquired HA 4: Congenital HA. 5: Others... foundation of clinical medicine Shashidhar Venkatesh MurthyA/Prof & Head of PathologyCollege of Medicine & Dentistry2Pathogenetic Classification of Anemia:Decreased Production:Nutrient Deficiency. Iron def (IDA) / Megaloblastic (MBA)Hemopoietic cell defect:Anemia of chronic disorders (ACD)Aplastic anemia (AA).Dysplastic anemia. Myelodysplastic SyndromesIncreased loss / destruction:Blood loss anemia Acute / Chronic - bleeding. Hemolytic anemia Congenital / Acquired.Acquired / External injury.Immune AIHA (Warm/Cold) Mechanical, Drugs & ParasitesCongenital / Internal RBC defectDefective Membrane (Spherocytic an)Defective Hemoglobin (Sickle cell an.) Deficient Enzyme (G6PD)32Top 6 Anemias:Iron Def. AMegaloblasticAnem. Of Chronic Dis.Aplastic An.Immune Hemolytic WarmImmune Hemolytic - Cold3

Haemolytic Anemia: IntroductionAnemia due to Increased RBC destruction life span (