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Grief and Bereavement

GRIEF = total response to emotional experience related to lossThe normal process of reacting to loss. BEREAVEMENT = subjective response to by loved onesThe human experience occurring with the death of a loved one.

Grief is a form of sorrow involving feelings, thoughts and behaviors caused by bereavement.The grief process involves a sequence of affective, cognitive and psychological states as a person responds to and finally accepts a loss.

What Is Grief?Grief is the emotion people feel when they experience a loss. There are many different types of loss, and not all of them are related to death. For example, a person can also grieve over the breakup of an intimate relationship or after a parent moves away from home.

What are the Five Stages of Grief and Do They Always Occur in the Same Order?The five stages:Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance

Manifestations of Grief Difficulty concentrating Ongoing sadness Constant thoughts of the person who died Guilt Anger Changes in the way a person acts or feels normally Weight loss Loss of appetite Difficulty sleeping Heart palpitations Anxiety and fear Loneliness and pain

Phases of Bereavement Shock and numbness Yearning and searching Disorganization and despair Reorganization

Bereavement Tasks Accepting the reality of loss Working through the pain of grief Adjusting to the environment without the deceased Emotionally relocating the deceased and moving on with life

Dysfunctional Responses Prolonged denial of loss Refusal to mourn Gastrointestinal symptoms, shortness of breath, and muscle tension Behavioral issues (e.g., substance abuse, phobias, difficulty with concentration)

Grief Management

Grief Management All are normal responses to grief but should resolve within one year. Dysfunctional grief reactions may require intervention from a psychosocial professional. Rapid referrals should be made for intensive assessment and treatment.