Good Food become healty life and happiness.

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Food plays important role in our life.


<ul><li>1.FOOD Happiness For You </li></ul> <p>2. Food place important role in attaining and maintaining health. Consuming healthy food enhances health. One should take balanced and healthy diet. Happiness For You 3. Proper choice of food is necessary for healthy diet. Grains, Cereals and pulses have lots of nutritional value. Consumption of vegetables and food are also good for healthy diet. Happiness For You 4. Drinking plain, Calorie-free water keeps you refreshed. Take multivitamin daily to get balanced level of essential vitamins. Fresh juice contains high percent of antioxidant and they are rich in vitamin A and C. Happiness For You 5. Over consumption of calories and fats leads to unhealthy body. Therefore, smart selection of food is important to maintain health. Happiness For You 6. Healthy food consumption boosts energy to carry out day to day activities effectively. Happiness For You 7. On the other hand overconsumption of food leads to obesity and various ailments. Therefore, to maintain body fitness balanced diet and proper exercise is important. Happiness For You 8. Happiness For You for more information visit Happiness For You </p>