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Glo Herbals is a GMP certified herbal products manufacturing unit based on ancient Indian life sciences.



2. Which Business isFuturisticCan meet societys needsGrowth potential for generationsGives name & fameHave customer loyaltyGives right profitsCreate wealth for the society & for YOU 3. Glo Herbals OffersRegular Cash flow incomesCommissions on performanceIncentives, BonusesAdd on incomesGifts for achievers25 yrs royalty for 5 yrs workReferral income for franchiseesTraining Programmes for franchiseesQuality products with Money back offerHealth seminars 4. Let us see the hierarchy of Basichuman needs 4.Shelter 3.Health 2.Cloth 1.Food 5. Based on Health people ofall races are broadlycategorised into:Healthy 05%Sick10%Looks Healthy 85% 6. Based on the life style, foodhabits and exposure topollution apart from day to daystress & strain 85% of thepeople who look healthy todaymay fall into other 2 categories.No one can stay healthy withoutputting efforts to be healthy. 7. Define a Disease ?The structural &functional damage ofa cell can be definedas disease. This isapplicable to any cell,in any organ, in anysystem of any livingbody. 8. Why cells become sick?They become sick due to 4common reasons that areHurry - Worry Curry- BurryNormally if we see 4 mainfactors areAir- WaterFood- AttitudeThat we consume daily 9. Wellness is the future ofGlobalHealthcareSystem 10. As per WHO the shift inHealthcare is Wellnessby prophylaxis ratherthan curative segment.Creating awareness byeducating the patient. 11. By 2025 only medicalemergencies & surgeryare with Allopathy.CPDDs are with thealternative therapies.Relaxation therapiesare Cash Cowsprojected market INR40000 Cr 12. Glo Herbals is aiming tobe a national co by 2022with 70-80 MFs withRs.75-90 Cr PA. Each MFhaving 20-30 franchiseesin their assigned area 13. As per WHO in 2000 by asurvey in 120 countriesconfirmed only 1% ofpatients visit doctorsdaily-Globally are withemergencies for whichAllopathy is good. Balance99% visit with CPDDs forwhich Ayurveda is the onlyanswer 14. Meeting of people, withDrcause at time to utilize Athe available opportunity is PAchievementJ K A L A M 15. 30%of worldurbanpopulation who are above 30yrs are mentally ill by 2000 ofvaried degree and the no islikely to double by 2025 asper WHO. 70% of them aresuffering from reversibleMental ILL Health. With day today stress & strain for whichAyurveda has the bestanswer in correcting andtreating 16. Glo HerbalsMakers of High QualityTested NaturalsWelcomes You 17. Inspired by the words ofrenowned physician, ardenthumanist, inspiring teacher,well known Wellnessconsultant Prof. BM Hegde,Quadruple FCCPwhocommented about Allopathyas followsThere is no pill for all ills,but there is an ill followedby the use of every pill 18. Is looking for young,dynamic, proactive, smartBusiness associates withreasonable investmentscan offer services likeseminars, distribution,exhibitions,awarenessprogrammes in assignedareas. To educate theneedy regularly 19. We offer quality naturalproducts, promo material,training, timely supply ofhealth & beauty productswithMONEYBACKGURANTEE for customers.Franchiseewill getexcellent returns basedon their efforts andservices to the customers*Conditions apply 20. Our high quality naturals range Btyglo-R Natural Body Scrub, for skin allergies Btyglo- C Aromatic bath, Body Complexion Fesglo Complexion Face Pack, Pimples Danout Natural Dandruff Remedy Kshglo Complete Hair Care, Reverses Graying Camphor Oil Sinus care, Lice remedy, Fungal infections Almond oil Baby/ Face Massage Oil Bawanchi Oil Natural Moisturizer, Psoriasis, Vitiligo 21. 9.TriphalaGastric Soother, Obesity, Constipation10. Aswagandha Immunomodulator, Marital Bliss, Tranquil11. BrahmiBrain Tonic, Memory Booster12. SatavariGyneac Tonic, Prevents tiredness, Thyroid 22. Other ItemsSteviaZero Calorie Natural SweetenerMadhurikthaPowder & Capsules- Anti DiabeticSamarthoCaps & Oil - Anti ArthriticWheat GrassImproves Blood, Reduces CholesterolBarley GrassFor Diuresis, Weight Loss 23. Micro Franchisee will get as followsTurnover PM PercentageRs.1000- 2999 15%Rs.3000-599918%Rs.6000& Above 21%From the area Master franchisee1 franchisee for 2 L/ pop eachcovering few retailers PM 24. A Micro Franchisee whowill invest Rs. 3000 &rotate it 4 times amonth Rs. 12000 willget Rs. 30000 + PA 25. OfferingareawiseFranchisees from all overIndiathosewhoareinterested with investmentand attitude to distributeWELLNESS and accumulateWEALTH for generations 26. No Product DescriptionPack Price Case Btyglo-R Natural Body Scrub 100 g5448 Btyglo-R Natural Body Scrub 500 g250 12 Fesglo Complexion Face Pack 45 g 108 72 + VAT 5% Fesglo Complexion Face Pack 90 g 190 24 +CST Btyglo-C Aromatic Body Pack 100 g245 24 Btyglo-C Aromatic Body Pack 250 g468 12 Bath PowderSunnipindi 500 g189 24 Danout Natural Dandruff Remedy45 g 7272 Danout Natural Dandruff Remedy90 g 126 48 Kshglo Complete Hair Care 100 ml 135 72 Kshglo Complete Hair Care 200 ml 245 48 Camphor OilSinus Care, Pain Care25 ml4590 Camphor OilSinus Care, Pain Care50 ml7248 Triphala Gastric Care, Anti Obese 100 g5448 Triphala Gastric Care, Anti Obese 500245 12 Aswagandha Immunomodulator100 g9948 Aswagandha Immunomodulator500 g450 12 Brahmi Brain Tonic100 g9048 Brahmi Brain Tonic500 g405 12 Satavari Gyneac Tonic 100 g9048 F.O.R. Satavari Gyneac Tonic 500 g405 12 AP Rs. 30000 Almond Oil Baby Massage Oil 25 ml135 36 Rest Rs. 60000 Bawanchi Oil Natural Moisturizer120 ml 135 24 Bawanchi Oil Natural Moisturizer500 ml 504 12 27. Terms Stocks on payment only F.O.R. Rs. 30000 in AP, Rs. 60000 Outside AP, VAT 5%, CST extra Any other levies, Taxes, octroi by Govt are extra All orders must accompany with payment of 50% on order value, restbefore actual dispatch at our end Transit insurance at franchisee cost All breakages, leakages, damages has to be reported with 72 hrs afterreceiving goods at your end supported by transporters certificateand send back damaged goods to HO Any slow moving goods must be exchanged with fast moving itemswith in 60 days of invoice later no replacement We train, guide, support to conduct business properly in your area We provide promo materials at cost price. The franchisee is not supposed to deal with comparators productsduring MOU period in the assigned area. 28. For more infoBellavistan Murthy Wellness Consultant Chief MentorGlo Herbals98480 13958


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