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  1. 1. Dealer: Comprehensive product portfolio 3D and Panoramic x-rays Intraoral x-rays Intraoral sensors Phosphor plate scanner Laser HygieneInstruments THE BEAUTY OF ERGONOMICS FONA 2000 L FONA, the most exciting new brand in dental FONA is a fast-growing, global and dynamic brand, continuously developing its comprehensive product portfolio according to international quality standards. Ensuring excellent price/performance ratio, FONA provides a full range of valuable, reliable and user focused equipment for everyday dentistry. Though still a young brand, FONA has in-depth dental competence through its membership in the Sirona Group. With manufacturing sites in three continents and local support through a rapidly expanding internati- onal sales and service team that understands your needs, FONA is truly CLOSER TO YOU. Copyright FONA Dental, s.r.o., All rights reserved, Subject to technical changes and errors in the text, BRO004, v1, EN, 20130226 Treatment centers headquarters: FONA Dental s.r.o. evcenkova 34 SK - 85101 Bratislava Slovak Republic
  2. 2. COMPLETE HYGIENE FONAs hygiene package deli- vers a total solution to protect dentist, patient and environment from cross-contamination. FONA 2000 L CONFIGURATION FREEDOM Wide treatment center configura- tion choice to meet your needs. THE BEAUTY OF ERGONOMICS FONA 2000 L combines enhanced ergonomics with stylish design and patient comfort. With its unique modular concept it offers great flexibility in confi- guration to meet your exact needs. Equipped with a brushless motor and complex hygiene solution, it is the ideal chair for your dental studio. Advanced anti-collision system Sensor controlled LED light Modern design and ergonomics Hygiene system including water decoupling and disinfection Enhanced safety for dentist and patient Up to 5 instruments with LED light GERMAN DESIGN AND ENGINEERING Designed and engineered to meet high- est ergonomic and safety standards.
  3. 3. FONA 2000L whip arm or hanging hoses dentist element Can be equipped with up to 6 instruments. Variable configuration is possible with selection including up to 4 high-speed instru- ments with light, 2 brushless motors, scaler with light including endo function, curing light and spraywit. Features Splash stop system Automatically activated on removal of water outlet to prevent accidental splashes. Patient comfort Integrated ErgoMotion and body contoured upholstery for excellent patient comfort. LED light Controlled by sensor or touch panel with 3D positioning for maximum visibility. Foot cross-switch Hands-free patient positioning for ergonomic and hygienic workflow. Adjustable assistant arm Two different arm lengths for greater working comfort. Swiveling spittoon Easy to remove ceramic spittoon with built-in anti collision system. upholstery colors Yellow Turquoise Deep blue Light blue
  4. 4. Technical specificationS Input power supply 100V~, 110-120V~, 220-230V~ 50HZ/60HZ Water pressure 0.25-0.60Mpa/2.5-6.0bar Water flow 3,5 l/min Air supply pressure 0.55-0.75Mpa/5.5-7.5bar Air consumption 70l/min without air venturi / 130l/min with air venturi Suction machine 500l/min with central suction Patient chair carrying capacity 165kg Patient chair movement range 380-780mm Space requirements FONA 2000 L hanging hoses Space requirements FONA 2000 L whip arm Brushless FONA BL motor Brushless motor for excellent control and longevity. Speed 2000 - 40000 rpm, torque 3 Ncm, power 61W, limiting current 7A, with cooling water regulator. Brushless FONA BL motor control panel Control of FONA BL motors via touch panel with easy to see display. Two adjustable programs for each motor and reverse and maximum speed settings. Assistant element Choose between 2 or 4 instruments with or without control panel. Suction system Wet suction, semi-wet or dry suction system with amalgam separator. Variety of instruments 2 BL motors, scaler with light, spray- wit, camera, curing light and more. Video system For optimal patient-dentist commu- nication. Swing able armrest Right armrest swing able and left armrest fixed X-ray viewer Excellent visibility due to ho- mogeneous LED light. Hygiene package without compromise Decoupling, purge, sanitation and permanent water disinfection in one hygienic package for complete hygiene solution. TechnicalSpecificationsOptions


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