Finding Your Voice Online

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A presentation made to the Friends for Life focus group by Kerri Sparling of and Amy Tenderich of


<ul><li> 1. Finding Your Voice Online<br />Kerri Sparling and Amy Tenderich<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. 3. 4. DiabeticConnect<br /> 5. A Cause...My Open Letter to Steve Jobs<br /> 6. Meet the Charmr<br /> 7.<br /> 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Finding Online Communities<br />Social networks (i.e. TuDiabetes, Juvenation, Diabetic Connect)<br />Blogs (,<br />Forums ( )<br />Facebook Groups<br />Twitter <br />YouTube<br />Flickr (Diabetes365)<br /> 13. Finding YOUR voice online<br />Write your own diabetes blog (i.e. Blogger, Wordpress, your very own shiny URL)<br />Contribute to a network blog (i.e. TuDiabetes, Blogabetes)<br />Become an active commenter on blogs, forums, Facebook groups, etc.<br />Its all about CONNECTING. <br />Be a LURKER!!!(Its not as weird as it sounds.)<br /> 14. Finding Your Comfort Level Online<br />You dont have to share your name.<br />You dont have to share your photo or your kids photos.<br />You dont have to post your home address or phone number.<br />Your level of participation is whatever you CHOOSE it to be.There arent any rules about what you have to do.<br /> 15. Finding Your Comfort Level Online<br />You ARE encouraged to share your opinions.<br />You ARE expected to be honest.<br />You ARE (hopefully) going to be polite.<br />You ARE free to disagree.<br /> 16. Privacy and Respect<br /> Once published,forever public.<br /></p>