Decompression Traction Overview

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Chiropractic Science: So What is Normal?

Normal Front and Side Views for the Posture & Spine2

Right lateral Trunk shift and spine x-ray of the Low back. This x-ray shows what this posture does to the spineWhich Side of the spine would wear out first?Could nerves be affected?Should we cut out the bad disc or simply fix the posture????This mis-alignment can cause symptoms of SCIATICA"Posture affects and moderates every physiologic function from breathing to hormonal production. Spinal pain, headache, mood, blood pressure, pulse and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture. AJPM 19943

4What is a Disc Herniation?

A herniated spinal disc occurs when a healthy disc bulges or ruptures. Pressure from a herniated disc on a nerve root (compressed nerve root) or the spinal cord can cause pain. Copyright 2003 Nucleus Medical Art, All rights Reserved. www.nucleusinc.com5

Side View of Low Back: X-Rays & M.R.I.NormalAbnormalSlipped Disc a.k.a. Disc Herniation

6Sciatica Diagram - How Pain can affect the leg?

A low back subluxation can irritate the nerves that give rise to the sciatic nervecausing pain and numbness and tingling into your legCopyright 2003 Nucleus Medical Art, All rights Reserved. www.nucleusinc.com7How Do We Fix Your Problems? Exercise Adjust Traction8Triton TractionDosimetry Guidelines

9Talking pointsThis ppt is to explain owners of a table how to dose the treatment (after sale)Do not distribute this ppt electronicallyUse the pdf handout to leave behind (paper or electronically)FDA cleared indicationsPain relief related toProtruding and herniating discsDegenerative disc disease (DDD)Facet joint disordersSpinal root impingementDegenerative joint disease (DJD)HypomobilityCompression fractures10Talking pointsFDA has cleared a long list of indicationsMost possible causes of back pain are clearedTractionWristShoulderHipAnkleKnee

BeforeAfterA 40 year old female with neck pain and arm pain. Before-Side view alignment of the neck is reversed and the after treatment x-ray shows a return toward normal. 12

Healing Takes Time!BeforeAfterLisa: 17, Chronic Low Back Pain, Scoliosis. 6-mnth post13