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Presenting Vitality Glowcaps and the clinical data that shows how effective they are at increasing medication success.

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  • 1. z Dramatically improve medication adherence, through wireless packaging, reminders, reports, and rewards. David Rose

2. vitality 3. Patterns of adherenceTook Missed May June A B CCall and missed Call and tookPersistenceIssue 4. This is what poor-adherence looks like... Each row is person, each column is a day. Red indicates a missed dose. Control group=71% of doses taken 5. This is what adherence looks like with GlowCapsOver 95% of doses taken over 6 months 6. 1) Pharmacist deliver your medication in a GlowCap and explains how it works. The smart pill cap will help you to remember with light, sound, and if you want, a reminder call. 7. 2) At home, you plug in the reminder light. 8. 3) Every day, the GlowCap and reminder light flash for an hour, then play a ring tone every few minutes until you open the GlowCap. 9. 4) If the cap is still not opened, Vitality places an automated call to ask WHY? 10. 5) Weekly emails show progress and are shared with a loved one. 11. 6) Every month you and your physician receive a printed progress report. 12. Four feedback loops address the root causes of poor-adherence 13. Vitality addresses each of the root causes of non-adherenceadherence issuevitalitys approach ForgetfulnessReminders escalate from subtle to insistentNon-Belief Personalized interactive media educatesNo Social SupportProgress is shared with a buddyNo AccountabilityReports inform your doctor, via e-health recordRefill Inconvenience Refill requests automatically flow into pharmacyCost concernsBehavioral economics-based financial rewards VITALITYcondential 14. An unprecedented, realtime data feedVitality radar pharmacies CVS 145 Walgreens 93 Walmart 22 Express Scripts 3 RiteAid 1physicians Rose 1 Smith 3 Goldblatt, 8 conditions Hypertension 65 Asthma 3 Diabetes 22 medications Diovan 34 Liptor 13 Gleevec 5 adherence >80% 60-80% 40-60%