College Newspaper Writing and Layout Sample - Mold

College Newspaper Writing and Layout Sample - Mold

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1. CAMPUS CARRIER PAGE 12 news april 26, 2007growingMOLD Thepossibility of Much like public outcry atthe use of asbestos, similarhealth concerns are cropping upabout what health threat mold andmildew, like the black discolorationspictured left, can present to respira-tory and overall health.Chris Edwardsallergies from his mother, junior Brittanyand a cough, the people experiencing it Another key element to mold preven- EditorNash developed respiratory problems only(mold-related illness) will tell you it is verytion is circulation and preventing damp- to later realize some trapped mold near her irritatingin some cases, it seems thatness, especially with good circulation Sinus infections. Semester-long colds dorm window might have been to blame. some symptoms can become severeasomething New Residence Hall bathroomsand allergies. Bronchitis. Pleurisy. When I coughed, it felt like someone cough can become bronchitis, he said. have little of. Students have suffered from these was stabbing my side, said Nash, who Much like in the case of senior and New Even though its not a big vent, itthings, and some of those same studentswas diagnosed with bronchitis and later Residence Hall resident Josh Freeman,would be nice if there were a fan there thathave had mold problems in their dorms. developed pleurisy. I felt like I was sick all mold and its related health effects can esca-actually moves air, Freeman said. We had a hunch that it might be my liv-year long. Ever since Ive been in my new late quickly. Sophomore Leigh Jackson had problemsing arrangements (Dana Hall). He [first doc- apartment, I havent gotten any sinus infec-After noticing a leak, Freeman submit- with mold at her window in Clara, but liketor] was pretty convinced that that [the mold] tions this yearat least, not as bad as theyted a work order, but then the mold spread Freeman, the mold was treated with Lysolwas probably the main factor to the sinuswere last the water creeped along the ceiling.spray and the accompanying odor of theinfection that I had for five or six months,After two or three rounds of antibiot-I was willing to clean it myself, but I was mold dissipated, along with consistentsaid junior Blake Jackson. He decided thatics, a work request to physical plant and a going to use bleach or Clorox and water... and head colds that Jackson and her roommatesurgery would be the best route to take.lack of a certain link by doctors, Nash saw I didnt want to be charged for it, he said.suffered. Blake said Residence Life worked with things settle down. He said that they sprayed the mold, Regardless of the situation, Clark saidhim to find a living situation free from Attributing the cause of cold and but the residue still remains, and another that there are things that should be donereally bothersome molda single room inallergy-like illnesses to mold is hard, but problem with a leak forced physical plantduring the cleanup process, includingDana. Blake has another operation sched- the consistent illness can be maddening toto replace part of the ceiling that had exten- drying bleached areas to prevent poolinguled for this summer to remove remnantsthose more susceptible to mold allergies, sive mold growth.water and mold regrowth. HEPA vacuumof current sinus infections attributed toaccording to the Environmental Protection As to remaining mold and future mold cleaners should also be used. Good ventila-mold-related bacteria, according to BlakesAgencys Henry Slack, an indoor air qual- prevention, Clark said that the treatment of tion and medium humidity also help.current doctor.ity specialist. mold should be done with a damp spongeYou keep things clean, and you keep While Blake may have inherited mold Although we may say its just a sneeze and to the specifications on the container.things dry, he said. Water-damagedceiling tiles like this one(below, right) found in a MaryHall bathroom often point to a more important problemlike mold-in- ducing pipe and roof leaks. Keeping air and heating ven-tilation free and clean can make a differ- ence in mold growth. High indoor humidity and notkeeping things warm and dry can be a recipe for fast mold growth. This vent (above, left) is found in West Mary. Some replacements will be made to existing MaryHall ventilation systems over the by Lauren Wright, graphics editor Where theres water conden- sation, there is often mold. On this pipe(right) near East Marys bike rack area, you cansee that condensation and water buildup has result- ed in mold and mildew forming on the pipe.You probably notice the black spots on the bottomof this page. This picture is whats left of somemold that formed on a New Residence Hall bath-room ceiling. Bleach was sprayed and a suspectleak repaired, but the mold residue remains.