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Chuck Jones


Chuck JonesChuck Jones was born on September 21, 1912 in Spokane, Washington. While he was just 6 months old, his family moved to Hollywood.

Growing up, he lived down the street from the silent film studios.

In 1928, at age 16, he enrolled at Chouinard Art Institute. At that time, studying animation was not an option.Chuck Jones learned a lot about drawing people.

Throughout his life, he was an avid fine arts painter.He did drawings everywhere he went.He often sketched animals at the zoo.Started as a cel washer. Worked his way up to an animator.

He joined the Leon Schlesinger Studio as an animator in 1936 at age 24.This studio was later sold to Warner Bros.Later he became the director at the animation division of Warner Bros.

In 1966, at age 54, Mr. Jones directed the Dr. Seuss- How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Chuck Jones was the most famous director of cartoons for the legendary Warner Brothers animation studios. He created a lot of cartoon characters, such as

Wile E. Coyote,

road runner,


Pepe Le Pew

And Marvin Martian.

Jones died Febuary 22, 2002 from heart failure