"Cell Phones and Hearing Aids You Again?"

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"http://budurl.com/hearingcastrovalley One of the most common questions Iget asked is, why doesnt my hearingaid work on the phone? If youvebeen frustrated by your inability touse a phone with your hearing aids,youre not alone."


<ul><li> 1. Cell Phones and Hearing Aids One of the most common questions Iget asked is, why doesnt my hearingaid work on the phone? If youvebeen frustrated by your inability touse a phone with your hearing aids,youre not alone.Hearing aid compatibility (HAC) withcell phones and land line phones isone of the most common complaintspatients have. They are also somewhat surprised to find out that usually, itsnot the hearing aids fault.Generally, it is an incompatibility with the phone or is due to oldertechnology in the phone itself.So, lets talk a little terminology before we go much further: In general,hearing aids are cell phone and land line phone compatible. Hearing aidshave what is called an M rating, which represents the potential forexperiencing interference between the hearing aid microphone and a phone.Most hearing aids have an M rating of 2. The highest possible score is a 4.Cell phones also have an M rating, ranging from 1 to 4. In order to get thebest possible hearing aid compatibility, the M rating of the hearing aid andthe M rating of the phone should add up to 5 or more.The higher the number, the better the compatibility. There is also a Trating for cell phones that ranges from 1 to 4. This rating represents the cellphones capability to send the hearing aid information throughelectromagnetic coupling.The best possible hearing aid compatibility would be a cell phone with anM4/T4 rating. Unfortunately, there is no T rating for hearing aids at thistime. And, even worse, land line phones are neither M nor T rated.To be considered hearing aid compatible, land line phones must simply havea way to electromagnetically interface with your hearing aid. On theHearing Center of Castro Valley(510) 629-6013</li></ul> <p> 2. manufacturers box, an HAC means that the phone is technicallycompatible.How it will actually work is different between manufacturers and evendifferent from model to model by the same manufacturer.When you decide to purchase a new cell phone, there are a few things toconsider. Researching the different phones that are available from yourcarrier before your enter the store will be an easy way to save some time.You might find that you know more than the person helping you behind thecounter!Here are some things you should know:Different cell phone carriers use different transmission technologies. The twomost common are CDMA, used by Sprint and Verizon and GSM, used byAT&amp;T and T-Mobile.Interestingly, phones using the GSM technology can only achieve a rating ofM3/T3. Remember, the higher the rating, the better likelihood forcompatibility.Once youve found the phone you think will best suit your needs, it willbenefit you to try out the phone, if possible, before purchasing. Only carrierstores are required to allow you to test the phone you are interested in priorto purchasing.The only way to know if your hearing aid and the phone are compatible is tomake an actual call. Putting the phone up to your ear without it being turnedon really tells you nothing and you may be surprised by the lack ofcompatibility when you get home if you havent tried it prior to yourpurchase.The last but very important piece of the puzzle is the type of hearing aid thatyoure wearing. To interface with your cell phone or land line phone, youmust put the phone over the microphones of the hearing aid.For in-the-ear hearing aids, this is a simple thing as all of the working partsare in-the-ear. For behind -the-ear hearing aids, though, you mustHearing Center of Castro Valley(510) 629-6013 3. remember to lift the phone up over the edge of the ear, where the behind-the-ear piece is resting.If you fail to do so, you may not have connection with the phone simplybecause they are not in close enough proximity. It may feel a bit awkward atfirst, but you will hear so much better!Finding a good solution to your phone issues may seem overwhelming.There is a lot of information!We are always happy to help if you have questions. Also, visitwww.accesswireless.com for in-depth information on cell phone and land linephone compatibility.Visit us today to know more about hearing aids.Hearing Center of Castro Valley(510) 629-6013</p>


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