Carers Rights Day 2013 - Carers' Services

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Text of Carers Rights Day 2013 - Carers' Services

  • 1.Buckinghamshire County CouncilCarers Services The changes and what they mean Trevor Boyd Strategic Director Adults & Family Wellbeing Buckinghamshire County Council

2. Buckinghamshire County CouncilOur response to carers is in line with the Governments National Strategy for Carers (2008) ....Carers will be universally recognised and valued as being fundamental to strong families and stable communities. Support will be tailored to meet individuals needs enabling carers to maintain a balance between their caring responsibilities and a life outside of caring, whilst enabling the person they support to be a full and equal citizen 3. Buckinghamshire County CouncilRecognised, Valued and Supported: Next step for Carers Strategy 2010 Key priorities for health and social care in supporting carers: Identification and recognition A life outside caring Supporting carers to stay healthy Realising and releasing potential 4. Buckinghamshire County Council Listening to Carers Working with health Carer Support Services Current Climate Care and Support Bill 5. Buckinghamshire County CouncilInitial contact with health and social care services: Working with GPs Community Practice Workers Working with hospitals Contacting social care Information and advice 6. Buckinghamshire County CouncilSocial Care Staff working with Carers: Ensure staff have the right skills and knowledge E-learning module Specialist training Carer awareness Comprehensive Guidance Go To Person 7. Buckinghamshire County CouncilSocial Care Staff working with Carers Improvements to Carers Assessments: Ensuring carers needs are met through Community Care Assessments A Positive Experience of Carers Assessment Carers rights Face-to face meetings Self Assessment available Agreed support/action plans 8. Buckinghamshire County CouncilSocial Care Staff working with Carers (continued) Services to Carers: Support for the person they care for Referral on to other appropriate social care services/support Advice and information Carers Direct Payments Referral to Carers Bucks 9. Buckinghamshire County CouncilCarers Support services We consulted with Carers from January March 2013 Held a consultation event with local carers Developed detailed specification for the new service Tender was published on 2 September 2013 Decision regarding the new service will be published in January 2014 10. Buckinghamshire County CouncilBenefits of the new service model: Brings together young carers and adult carers Alignment to BCCs Care Management services Shared knowledge with BCC on carers needs same system Intensive support model for carers Information and advice Specific older carers service Increased training and volunteering opportunities