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I decided to make a blog about this because bubble gum is interesting and neat :)


<ul><li>1.Bubble Gum<br />Michelle Brandenburg<br /></li></ul> <p>2. What is Bubble Gum?<br />History of Bubble Gum<br />Most popular facts of consumption<br />Age<br />Type<br />How Its Made<br />Uses for Gum<br />Fun Facts<br />3. History of Bubble Gum<br />1906 was when the first piece was created, but was not popular until the 20s only because it was considered too sticky and gooey for anyone to consume.<br />Became popular as an alternative to chewing tobacco to baseball players.<br />4. Popularity of the Pop.<br />The average age for the highest consumption of bubble gum is 13 year of age.<br />The most popular type of bubble gum is <br />Double Bubble<br />Hubba Bubba<br />Bazooka<br />5. How was it made?<br />All include gum paste and sugar<br />Kneading technique<br />Coloring<br />Taste<br />wrapping<br />6. What are the uses for Bubble Gum?<br />Uses<br />Chewy candy treat<br />Oral aide<br />Teeth cleaner<br />Breath refresher<br />Teeth Whitener &amp; enamel restoration<br />7. HOW MUCH GUM?<br />The average American consumes 300 pieces/sticks of chewing gum in a year!!<br />8. The Unique Bubble Gum<br /></p>