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  1. 1. Bedspreads and Quilts- Patch WorkedBedspreads and Lightweight QuiltsRajasthan is located in northwestern. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and it is also knownas pink city. Jaipur is known for its historical memorials and Royalty. Jaipur is also famousfor an array of Bedspreads and Quilts, Cushion Covers, and Decorative Cushions andHandmade wall hangings. In the arranging general appears of bedroom, Bedspreads andQuilts are playing an important role. Designer and trendy Bedspreads and Quilts give aspecific seem for bed.Patchwork and Block Print Bedspreads or Comforters-Jaipur is offering a wide range of a good looking and very imaginative patchworkbedspread. A well construct and fine quality cotton fabric is using to making this bedspreaddurable and comfortable. Jaipur is also offering an array of block prints such as- Goldenblock print. These types of Bedspreads and Quilts will without a doubt capture the heartof couples.Lightweight Jaipuri Quilts-A Jaipuri Quilts is famous for its art and functionality of making. Jaipuri Quilts is makingwith hands by using traditional textile-making skills of cotton carding, cotton voile-makingand quilting. The cotton, which is filled in Jaipuri Razais, collects through Cotton Cardingprocess. Approx 100 grams or 3-3.5 ounces of cotton is using for filling a Jaipuri Quilts.After being filled, the quilt is stitched together with a hand-held needle. Sometimes, stitch isperforming through sewing machine because machines are increasing the durability of thequilt. We can use decorative and handmade cushion covers and velvet coveringBedspreads and Quilts.When you are searching for Bedspread and Quilts, chose them according to followingpoints.Think about the Material: It is initial point. First, of all find out which material suits yourneeds best.According to Use: Selection of Comforters and Quilts are depending on type of bedroomyou use. You can choose elegant and formal designs and a vibrant and colorful pattern foryour bedroom interior themes.Type of Bedspread & Quilts: There is a long array of Bedspreads and Quilts are available inmarket. You can select from huge variety of choices in bedcovers, in duvet covers, inreversible duvet covers and in Indian bedspreads and others too. Jaipuri Quilts are famousfor its designing, artworks, best qualities and long time warranty.
  2. 2. Size: you can buy bedspreads in rectangular or square shapes according to bed size.Prints and Designs: You can choose prints and designs according to your mind views toestablish good looking themes. You can also choose according to their furniture color andwall paints color. You can choose eastern- or western-oriented prints, medium or brightcolors, which are suits to room decoration. You can also choose Quilts made by hand too.This author has published many articles so far about Bedspread and Quilts. More info aboutthe author is coming soon.