Be Connected to Stay Connected

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This presentation was delivered at the 2012 NYTD Conference by Brittany Smith, Director of Community Management at the Children's Mental Health Network.

Text of Be Connected to Stay Connected

  • 1. BE CONNECTEDTOSTAYCONNECTEDBrittany Smith, Director of CommunityManagement

2. What is Social Media? Any online platform orchannel for publishingand disseminatinguser-generatedcontent.1 Social media allowsus to engage with andempower ourcommunities. Connection Access to information1. 3. Its About Relationships Connections withfamily and friends isthe primary reason. 2/3 say staying in touch is a major reason they use these sites.1 Most online adultsdescribe theirexperiences usingsocial media inpositive terms.21. 4. Positive Benefits The average user hasYoung adults whomore close ties and is spend more time on as likely to beFacebook are better atsocially isolated.1showing virtual 65% of teens haveempathy.2had an experience that Youth who usemade them feel goodblogs, websites andabout to discuss politics58% have felt closer toand current eventsanother person.3 become more socially engaged over time.41. 5. PanicMoral panic is a common reaction to new forms of communication.11. 6. Barriers Liability Lack of knowledgeand skills State social mediapolicies andregulations Lack of time andstaff support 7. Where Do You Start? Develop astrategy thatthinks about thebig picture. Think P.O.S.T. Social media isnot abouttechnology, itsaboutrelationships. People first! 8. Facebook There are 901 million 93% of teen socialactive users onmedia users (12-17Facebook.1 years old) have a Facebook reaches Facebook account.4almost 57% of the U.S.population.2 95% of all teens areonline and 80% ofthose teens are usersof social media sites.31. myspace3. 9. Guidelines & Policies Develop userguidelines and policiesfor your organization. Develop a crisis planto respond to negativeor harmful posts. Provide training for allstaff on effective waysto use social media. cies 10. Tools HootSuite,Tweetdeck, Buffer Educate yourself! Bring in youth tohelp Make a businesscase Pew Internet and American Life Project 11. Contact