3 Honest Reasons Why Diets Never Work For YOU

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For the first time, find out why you still haven't lost weight, no matter how many diets you've tried. Or maybe you lost weight, yet after all that hard work -- gained it back again! Find out why...


  • 1. 3 Reasons Why Diets Have NeverWorked For YOU (The reason why youstillcan't lose weight) Full information at: BurnTheFat101.com/i

2. 1 stReason Diets Don't Work For You Perhaps you stuck to that diet religiously for whatever amount of time, but you didn't realize that seemingly innocent food and drinks were still keeping you fat, like: 3. * Too much salty food (sodium). Why? Salt doesn't have fat? No it doesn't, however, it can force the body to retain water. You could have less than 10% body fat, and still look fat because of water retention! 4. * Coffee or tea with sugar and cream. (extra calories) * Salad dressing. Yep, even having a seemingly innocent bowl of salad can help keep on those love handles just because of that darn dressing! 5. 2 ndReason Diets Don't Work for You 6. You DON'T want to lose weight! I'm not kidding, nor am I patronizing you.Subconscious fears and beliefs can be incredibly powerful.Here's how to tell if you subconsciously DO NOT want to lose weight: 7. When you think about being thin, about finally reaching your weight loss goal, how does it make you feel?Of course you probably feel excited and eager to get there - but do you also feel a twinge of fear or discomfort about being thin? This subconscious belief could be the thing that is holding you back. The reason why you somehow manage to always gain back the weight, or never lose it... 8. 3 rdReason Diets Don't Work For You 9. Sorry, there's no way I can go into reason 3 here. If you want to find out, please visit: http://burnthefat101.com/i And download the free guide now.


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