10 Easy Tips For Preventing Yeast Infections

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Text of 10 Easy Tips For Preventing Yeast Infections

  • 1. 10 Tips You Can Do to Avoid Yeast Infection A recent study shows that the occurrence of yeast infection has doubled compared to the last 20 years. Brought to you by YeastInfectionReviewss.com
  • 2. Most women do not know that they have this disease,and some just ignore this kind of disease. Here are 10tips on how you can avoid this deadly disease.
  • 3. Personal Hygiene
  • 4. Personal hygiene is a never ending process butthis is the fundamental process to prevent yeastinfection. Be sure to complete this checklist:
  • 5. Tip 1Wash your genital area. This will make you feelfresh and will also prevent yeast infections.When taking a bath, clean the inside folds ofyour vagina because this is where the yeastdevelops.
  • 6. Tip 2Dry thoroughly. Yeast lives in moist atmosphere,therefore, it is very important that youthoroughly dry the vaginal area after youshower or take a bath. You can also use a blowerwith mild setting to remove the excess moisture.
  • 7. Clothes that you should wear:
  • 8. Your clothing can also affect in the developmentof yeast infection. Below are the things that youshould note:
  • 9. Tip 3Wear natural clothes. Wear cotton and silkunderwear as these can absorb moisture. Onthe other hand, synthetic fabrics keep themoisture in the skin, inviting the growth ofyeast.
  • 10. Tip 4Change you set of clothes. Do not sit aroundwearing a sweaty swimming suit or gym clothes.Switch to dry clothes. In addition, always changeyour underwear when it becomes wet to avoiddampness.
  • 11. Things that you should avoid:
  • 12. Cosmetics products can also allow the growth ofyeast. Keep these in mind:
  • 13. Tip 5Avoid douching. This action is washing out theinterior part of the vagina with liquid agent. Itdestroys both harmful and good bacteria whichare responsible for the regulation of yeastproduction. This process also washes away theprotective lining of the vagina. This leaves youvery susceptible to vaginal infections.
  • 14. Tip 6Stop using feminine sprays, bubble baths, andscented soaps. Perfumes irritate the vagina, andthis can increase the risk of infection. Also, avoidusing tampons, scented sanitary pads, andcolored toilet paper.
  • 15. Tip 7Reduce the heat. Warm environment is theperfect atmosphere of yeast organisms. Youshould avoid long hot baths or soaking in a hottub. You should not wear clothes that are tootight since they will prevent the airflow aroundthe genitals.
  • 16. Medications that can cause yeast infection:
  • 17. One of the main causes of this infection is theintake of antibiotics. Here are the things to knowabout medications:
  • 18. Tip 7Be careful with the medications that you take.Antibiotics can kill both good and bad bacteria,and can allow the overgrowth of yeast. One ofthe common risk factors of having this disease isthe use of antibiotics to cure a certain disease.
  • 19. Taking birth control pills and oral steroids mayalso increase the risk. Talk to your doctor if theyeast infection keeps on recurring so that he cangive some prescriptions. There are alsoalternative and natural cures for yeastinfections.
  • 20. Tips for Personal Care
  • 21. The best way on how to prevent this infection isto take care of your body. This will keep youhealthy and strong to fight numerous diseases.
  • 22. Tip 8Have enough sleep. Your immune systemregulates the yeast organism production.However, if you lack enough sleep, then yourimmune system cannot do the job efficiently.
  • 23. Take enough sleep, do exercises, avoid caffeine,avoid heavy meals 3 hours before bedtime.Diseases the weaken the immune systems likeHIV and diabetes can increase the risk of yeastinfection. Also if you have diabetes, you shouldkeep your blood sugar levels under control.
  • 24. Tip 9Change your diet. Studies show that eatingyogurt with active bacteria cultures can help thebody fight yeast overgrowth. Most doctors alsorecommend less intake of sugar because it is afact that sugar promote the growth of yeast.
  • 25. Tip 10Learning more information on how to avoidyeast infections will lessen the risk of having thisdisease.
  • 26. END OF PRESENTATION! Thanks for viewing! Brought to you by: YeastInfectionReviewss.Com