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Youth stories, kadam badao, sonepat, india

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Shared Aspirations of Youth Today: Learning Skills for Life & Work. Stories of Empowerment & Community Leadership. Presentations by youth from participant countries. - Youth and Inclusive Citizenship Workshop by PRIA and ASPBAE 8-10 September 2014

Text of Youth stories, kadam badao, sonepat, india

  • 1. GGeenneessiiss OOff TThhee CCaammppaaiiggnnA 23 year old gangraped in a moving busin Delhi. Young peopleare on the streetsYouth want to beheardRound table oncollective action heldon 25th February atPRIAYouth dont know howto contributeThe Resolve The First Step2 Womens day at PRIAQuiet reflection 3 Making pledges toend gender baseddiscrimination andstand up againstVAW

2. GGooaallssTo promote institutionalaccountability of universities,colleges, schools, panchayats,municipalities andgovernment offices inensuring safety for womenand girlsTo support youthleadership incampaigning toaddress VAW 3. Men and young boysin project locationreport a personalchange in theirbehaviour towardsgirls and womenPolice, district officials, and leaders of panchayatsand municipalities show positive response andsensitivity in dealing with reported cases of violenceagainst womenEducationalinstitutionsmakenecessarychanges inensuringsafety ofwomen andgirls, includingstatutoryrequirementsandsuggestionsmade by youthCCaammppaaiiggnn rreessuullttss 4. WWhhaatt iiss uunniiqquuee aabboouutt tthheeccaammppaaiiggnn Youth as change agents Addressing both sexes Attitudinal change and personal responsibility Peer learning Accountability of educational institutions Involvement of local governments Demonstrate a model 5. CCaammppaaiiggnn PPaarrttnneerrssElected representatives of Panchayats and Municipalitiesfrom the villages, towns and the districtKishori Samuhas and Yuvak Samuhas (these youth groups ofadolescent boys and girls have been formed by PRIA over thepast two years)Educational institutions, community groups, governmentofficials, media, theatre personnel, creative artists and otherresource persons who will contribute strategically andoperationally to the campaign 6. Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwa Vidhyalaya- 2 students are part of the CORE group- MSW students OP Jindal Global University- 2 students are part of the CORE group- Departments of law and public policy 20 villages Kishori Samuhas Yuvak Samuhas Mahila Mandals 7. PPaarraa lleeggaallvvoolluunntteeeerrssMMOOUU wwiitthhCCaassee wwoorrkk uunniivveerrssiittyy 8. 1 2At the institutionallevel:Sharing of results ofsafety auditStudents ask forinstitutionalcommitment toensure safety ofgirls3 At the communitylevel:Sharing of resultswith gram sabhaInteraction withpolitical parties andother stakeholders Youth manifestoAt the communitylevel:Formed youth groupsBase line survey safety audit in villageand SonepatIn schools anduniversitiesSafety auditAssessment ofattitudesTThhee ccaammppaaiiggnnMaking pledges to end VAW 9. Youth groups iinnppuuttss vviillllaaggeelleevveell aaccttiivviittiieessNukkadNatakInfo exhibitionWallwritingSloganeerLegal AidcellingMarchesMikingFacebookStakeholderdialogueMusicworkshopWebsite 10. Glimpses ooff tthhee CCaammppaaiiggnn iinn BBaarreeiillllyy 11. Glimpses ooff tthhee CCaammppaaiiggnn iinn SSoonneeppaatt

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