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#StartupIreland is a grassroots, non-profit organisation whose mission is to create the conditions in Ireland whereby by 2020 our country becomes the land of opportunity for startups that want to take on the world! 'One island, one passion, one goal' is the Irish Rugby Football Union's strategy for rugby in Ireland for the years 2013 -2017 entitled "From Grassroots to International Success". This is a very similar journey to that which Ireland's startup community must take if the #Vision2020 ( http://startupireland.ie/vision2020/ ) is to be achieved.

Text of What is #StartupIreland? "One island, one passion, one goal" - IRFU

  • Startup Ireland Providing focus, strategy and vision to the Irish startup community for jobs & innovation LAST UPDATED MARCH 25th 2014
  • Startups are the largest creators of new jobs (Central Bank of Ireland) but the startup journey is typically problematical and the sector are difficult to interface with in a structured way.
  • What is the problem? Some hotspots of startup activity but overall fragmented Lots of potential help/support available but is not effectively brokered Noise/hype in the sector reflecting the relative immaturity of ecosystem Some duplication of efforts leading to confusion for startups National policy based largely on anecdotal evidence Entrepreneurship not considered a viable career choice
  • Cumulative effect = no appearance for Ireland in the Startup Genome International Ranking of Startup Ecosystems at a time when competition is intense. Startup Nations anticipates the emergence of more national & city level startup campaigns around the world.
  • Since 2008 there have been calls for the establishment of an Irish association to represent the interests of startups - Lets create an organisation to represent ourselves, the entrepreneurs, as a unified body of people with a realistic set of expectations and requirements who can lobby effectively and with a single voice. We need a committee that can formulate policies that directly benefit the entrepreneurial community and provide a liaison point that can build successful relationships with key bodies. It hasnt happened to date as startups are a very transient population (moving target), entrepreneurs are extremely busy building their businesses and funding it would be difficult, there cant be a membership fee as Startups have no money. Why hasnt an organisation been set up to address this before now?
  • A comparison with the tech startup ecosystem in Israel Israel Ireland Population 7.8 million 4.6 million National economy type Small, open, export orientated Small, open, export orientated Real GDP (2012) $179bn $212bn Startup Genome Ranking Tel Aviv #2 Dublin #No rank Tech startups per million inhabitants Bowei Gai, World Startup Report #1 in the world at 375 per million inhabitants No rank, researcher did not include Dublin Accelerators 36 (http://mappedinisrael.com/) 12 (Activating Dublin report) Number of tech startups per annum 1,900 (Tel Aviv Startup City 2013) 200 (EI HPSU+Accelerator numbers only) VC funds raised in 2013 $2.3bn (Israel VC Research Centre) $395m (Irish VC Association) Other Facts about Israel 39% of Israeli high tech employees work in the R&D Depts of tech multinationals located in Israel, in Ireland these same multinationals locate their customer service and sales operations here. 63 Israeli high-tech companies listed on the tech oriented NASDAQ Israeli tech exits worth $7.6b in 2013 (PwC) with significant capital gains tax to the Exchequer. A coherent story communicated internationally by the book Start-up Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer
  • Modelling a solution Findings from Eoin Costellos circling the planet: Doesnt have to be expensive to implement (Silicon Welly) Must comprise all elements of the ecosystem Grassroots up works best MSc Finding: The ecosystem can be strengthened through collaborative activities occurring within an effective network which yield symbiotic outcomes to the participants which in turn creates a permanence of patterns and relationships of constituents. Facilitating collaborative activities such as: Student projects with Startups Student interns with Startups Student tours to our Incubator Signposted relevant resources
  • Lets do something about it! Rather than wait for a national plan or budget we (a committed group of entrepreneurs and accelerator managers) decided in July 2013 to get on with whatever we could achieve with zero budget and a lot of enthusiasm.
  • What is Startup Ireland? Startup Ireland is an independent not-for-profit organisation representing the Irish startup community. Working from the grassroots up with the startup community regionally, nationally and internationally with the objective of increasing the number of high impact Irish startups that start + scale successfully. We will achieve this by providing focus, strategy and vision towards bringing about the framework conditions that provide the most fruitful environment for startups.
  • Our Mission Impactful, dynamic networks are powered by grassroots structures and community-minded ideas and people - Startup America Partnership Mission #1 - Connecting and growing Ireland's startup community Ireland has some amazing entrepreneurs but not nearly enough. Minister Richard Bruton Mission #2 - Changing Irish hearts and minds towards entrepreneurship as a valid career option Creating an entrepreneurial community is a long term commitment, up to 10 years at a minimum. Brad Feld Mission #3 Impact and Funding To create long term change as a startup itself Startup Ireland must be sustainable.
  • We have a lot of support and strong foundations are in place.
  • Our Strategy for 2014/2015 Phase 1 is about Mission #1 The entrepreneurial network and culture of startups in Ireland needs to become further engaged and intertwined. REPORT OF THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP FORUM IRELAND 2014 Phase 2 is about Mission #2 If we want to increase the pipeline of people choosing an entrepreneurial career, then Ireland must encourage entrepreneurship as a norm rather than an exception. REPORT OF THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP FORUM IRELAND 2014 Phase 3 is about Mission 1 & 2
  • Phase 1 Actions Complete Our Startup Linkedin groups now have over 4,074 members engaging and sharing information on startup topics. Our Startup Twitter accounts have in excess of 6,440 followers who have received 5,700 Tweets on topics such as #StartupEvents #StartupFunding #StartupProgrammes #StartupAdvice #StartupJobs This growing social media network is leveraged for the good of the startup community through our Help Needed Form which brokers resources within the community, 30+ campaigns launched to date. Startup community hubs (www.startup-dublin.ie etc) launched for all main Irish cities including infographics of resources available to startups. Startup Champions recruited in 3 cities (Dublin, Cork, Limerick) 10 Startup Ireland Partners signed up in Dublin.
  • Phase 2 Actions Commenced Implement the Startup Ireland community building tool kit in each city Startup Digest of events in the city (For example: https://www.startupdigest.com/digests/dublin ) Startup Beta to showcase new startups each month/quarter (For example: http://dublinbeta.com/ ) Networking events such as New Tech Meetups each month/quarter Startup Weekend every 6 to 12 months (For example: http://dublin.startupweekend.org/ ) Startup Grind with local role models Survey of Startups & Service Providers Biannual survey of the key players in respect of funding, working space, access to accelerator programmes etc to help better inform national and local strategies. Establish Working Groups to help deliver change - The working groups will be lead by key figures and will focus on the issues fundamental to the growth of a successful startup community, including funding, working space, access to accelerator programmes, etc.
  • Phase 3 Objectives Strategic Plans for each city - Commencing with Dublin our objective is to hold one- day workshops in each city to bring together in one room key representatives from the higher education sector, investors, mentors, service providers, Government and large companies that are active in supporting the startup ecosystem. Themes for discussion will revolve around the issues fundamental to the growth of a successful startup community including funding, working space, access to accelerator programmes etc. The goal will be to create practical action plans by those that have the power to see change through which will facilitate significant growth in the startup communities in each city. Training in High Impact Startup creation using short, weekend type programmes such as Launch48/Startup Weekend - Target audience is third level students and those considering entrepreneurship as a career choice Potentially seek a partnership with Stanfords Stuart Coulson to bring his d.school to Ireland. Startup Community Awards - Shine a light on what is missing at a framework level in Dublins startup ecosystem at the moment by creating an award for Best Startup Legal package, Best Startup Financial package, Best Startup Investor, Best Community Strengthening Initiative etc.
  • Think Big Act Now Change Ireland Social Entrepreneurs Ireland
  • Long term plans - Startup Irelands #Vision2020 To create a phase change in the number of successful startups being created in Ireland by 2020 we need - A top 10 place in the Top 20 Startup Genome ranking 5 Xs increase in the number of people takin