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The Essential Guide to LinkedIn


What we will cover in this sessionWhat is LinkedIn?Building your Professional BrandExplore Job PathsTips for Getting HiredExtra Credit: Maximizing LinkedIn

Thanks for joining us today.

Today we are going to focus on how a job seeker like you can use LinkedIn to find their ideal job, explore new career paths, and build an online professional brand. This will be an interactive session, so make sure to ask questions as we go.

As you will learn, there are many different ways to use LinkedIn as a tool to find your next job, but in todays session, we will be specifically covering:

A general overview of LinkedInWhat it means to have and build your professional brand How to use LinkedIn to explore different career paths in the United States How to use LinkedIn to finding a job on LinkedInAnd if we have time, some additional tips that might be helpful in your job search

We have much to cover, so lets get started!

*Note*: To share this content with your clients effectively, it is very important you are bought in, understand how to use LinkedIn, and feel comfortable teaching this to someone who may be seeing LinkedIn for the first time.


Getting a job can be hard

Lead with a question: How many of you think finding a job is difficult? (we expect many peoples hands will go up)

We get it, the process of finding a job is daunting and many of us dont know where to start.

LinkedIn is a great place to tackle the various aspects of finding a job in a step-by-step way. Why? Lets explore how LinkedIn can help you. 3

Before we tell you how it works, this is who LinkedIn isLinkedIns vision: create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce

A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something

A chance for employment or promotion


With LinkedIn, you can connect to opportunitiesLinkedIns vision as a company is to connect each and every person in this room, as well as every member of the global workforce, to opportunities. But what do we mean by that? Lets talk about what LinkedIn means for its members - and what it can mean, for you.


Why can LinkedIn jumpstart your career?6M+Jobs & internshipsEmployers10M+Students

28M+Professionals & alumni460M+

One great way to tackle finding a job in the US is to start your career journey on LinkedIn. Why?

LinkedIns mission is simple: To connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do. There are currently more than 460 million LinkedIn members, the network is growing by 2 members per second, and there are over 97M unique new visitors.

This is where the jobs are, the hiring managers are, the recruiters are, the companies are - we dont want you to miss out on the opportunity to connect with all of these different people who can get you closer to your next job. 5

LinkedIn is a social media platform for your professional selfPeople define who they are (in the working world), including:Work historyClubs, groups, or relevant activitiesEducation and qualificationsSkills

Organizations (companies, nonprofits, etc.) use LinkedIn to: Hire people to work for themMarket and define their business and services

People connect to stay in touch & find opportunities:JobsNew business / SalesVolunteer positions.and more!

On LinkedIn, you create a personal profile that displays your work experience, education, skills, and interests. Once youve created a profile, you can connect with your friends, family, and professional colleagues on LinkedIn. These connections build up your personal LinkedIn network.

Organizations, such as companies and nonprofits, use LinkedIn to post jobs and find qualified candidates with the exact skills they need. With a LinkedIn profile, you can apply directly to jobs posted on LinkedIn. Additionally, you can see if anyone in your network works at, or is connected to someone who works at, the organizations youre interested in working for. By leveraging these connections, you can build relationships that can help connect you to job opportunities. 6

The LinkedIn difference: a professional mindsetOther social networks are for your personal life

LinkedIn is for yourprofessional life

So, what is the difference between, lets say, Facebook and LinkedIn?Facebook showcases your personal lifewho you spend your time with, what you are doing on the weekends, etc.

LinkedIn shows who you are as a professional, who you are in a working environment like a school, internship or job.

A professional network differs from a social network in that you use it to represent your professional self and career aspirations, rather than your social or personal life. I might not connect with my manager, teacher, or colleague on Facebook, but I would definitely connect with him or her on LinkedIn, because he or she is a part of my professional network.


Donuts on other social media

I like donuts

Watch me eat a donutHeres a cool photo of my donutHeres a donut recipeIm listening to DonutsAnyone want a donut?

If youre still a little confused, lets use this silly donut example to think about how various social media platforms vary from one another. From left to right we have Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify and WhatApp.

*Note*: Feel free to alter the donut example to make it your own or more relevant to your clients. For example in India, we tried this as the naan example.

Donuts on LinkedInHere are 3 recommendations from former donut colleagues.My top skills are donut production and sales.I have three years experience making donuts.Im looking for a job at a donut company.I hope to operate a donut franchise one day.






Now lets see what the donut example translates to when we are talking about it on LinkedIn. (Read through the 5 examples on the slide)I hope to operate a donut franchise somedayI am looking for a job at a donut company I have 3 years experience making donuts My top skills are donut production and sales Here are 3 recommendations from former donut colleagues

Meet Marwan

Okay, so lets actually look at an example of a newcomer who use LinkedIn to find a job in his new home in Sweden


Here is a short video that explains Marwans story

*Note*: The video is embedded in the presentation. If you cant click on it, have this set up on your browser (pull up the Youtube link) before you start.


Meet Marwan

26 year old from Syria Script writer at Swedens national theater, Dramaten English translator Worked at a bakery in TurkeyStudent at Tishreen University


Marwan is a 26 year old from SyriaHe is now a scriptwriter at Swedens national theater called Dramaten

While Marwans job sounds very impressive now, you should know that Marwan had to work hard and try new approaches before finding his dream job in his new country, Sweden.

Before this job, Marwan was: An English Translator in Syria (thats why his English is very good!)He was a student at Tishreen University back home He worked at a bakery for many months with almost zero pay in Turkey while he made enough money to make his way to Europe


Meet Marwan

13How did LinkedIn help Marwan find new opportunities?He created his digital professional identity online through LinkedInwith customized support from Welcome Talent

He connected to professionals who helped him navigate the job market in Sweden and he researched other peoples career paths The Result?

Step 1Step 2

So you might be thinking, how did Marwan go from working in bakery to being a scriptwriter in Sweden? Here are the steps Marwan took:

He created his digital professional identity online through LinkedIn with customized support from Welcome Talent, LinkedIns project to help refugees find jobs. He attended a very similar training to you, where he learned about LinkedIn and how it could help him.He connected to professionals who helped him navigate the job market in Sweden and he researched other peoples career paths to see what they did to get to where he wants to be.


Meet Marwan

Marwan got an internship at Newsner, Swedens largest new media site, as an editor This internship led him to an opportunity to explore his passions as a scriptwriter at Swedens most prestigous theater Marwan has connections that will help him throughout the rest of his professional lifeResult

Before landing his perfect job, Marwan took smaller steps to build his professional network on LinkedIn and used his new connections to find a path towards the work he wanted to do: Through LinkedIn, Marwan found and got an internship at Newsner, Swedens largest new media site, as an editor This internship led him to an opportunity to explore his passions as a scriptwriter at Swedens most prestigious theater Marwan now has connections that will help him throughout the rest of his professional life


You can do it all on LinkedInExplore jobsBuild your brandGet hired

So the lesson here is that its not just about being on LinkedIn, but its equally about using it strategically to reach your professional goals

Three ways that LinkedIn helps its members (you): Helps you build your brandHelps you explore jobsAnd finally, helps you get hired


You already have what you needLinkedIn can help you to develop and showcase them, which can lead to future internship & job opportunities!


You may not even realize it yet, but you already have the ingredients for success. You have specific skills you can bring to the table, you have a growing network of people you know who can vouch for you and support you in finding a career, and you have interests that can be translated into a job. There are jobs you may not even realize exist yet.

LinkedIn helps you translate these ingredients of a network, skills, and information into a specific job and career to help you create the life you want to live. There are so many companies and people in the United States who want to help you build a life here, and LinkedIn can help you find and connect with them.16

Build your professional brandGet noticed by hiring managers and recruiters

In this section, we will show you how to display your talents and get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters.

*Note*: In this section, it might be helpful to start with someones profile (like yours) and ask the group what they think this profiles says about your professional brand. If the room is shy, encourage them to say that building a professional brand online may seem tough at first, but we will go through the exact steps to help them build that brand through their profile.


Company recruiters use LinkedIn

So should youSource: Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey, 2015

9 10 out of

Before walking you through the steps of how to build your professional brand, we want to discuss quickly why this matters. The number one answer is that almost all recruiters use LinkedIn as a tool to find good talent.

All Fortune 100 companies use LI Recruiter (the LinkedIn tool for recruiters), and this is what it looks like from their perspective. This is why keywords and search engine optimization, or how people search to find you, are so important.

There are hundreds of thousands of recruiters on LinkedIn. The first thing they are going to do is look at your profile.

Remember: Recruiters use it.Jobs are there.Be where the action is.18

So you can rock your profileof hiring managers look at profiles to learn about candidate

75%Source: LinkedIn Job Search Guide, 2016

85%of employers say that positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions

Two additional tips: 75% of recruiters in the US look at LinkedIn profiles to learn more about the candidate (even if they have turned in a CV or traditional resume) 85% of employers say that positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions (not just LinkedIn, but think about your other online presence like Facebook and Twitter)


Registering on LinkedInSource: LinkedIn Job Search Guide, 2016www.linkedin.com

First, Im going to walk you through the registration process to create a LinkedIn profile. Go to www.linkedin.com and start by entering your first and last name, your email address, and creating a password.


Add your country and zip codeSource: LinkedIn Job Search Guide, 2016www.linkedin.com

Next, put in your location! The zip code for [NAME CITY] is [XX].21

Add your most recent job experienceSource: LinkedIn Job Search Guide, 2016www.linkedin.com

Now, LinkedIn asks you to put in your current school if youre a student, or your current job title if you arent a student. For this section, just put your most recent job title and company name. Dont worry - you will be able to edit this later.


Choose your adventure: Find a job!Source: LinkedIn Job Search Guide, 2016www.linkedin.com

Next, select the option that youre using LinkedIn to find a job.


Import your email contacts to find people you knowSource: LinkedIn Job Search Guide, 2016www.linkedin.com

Finally, you have the option to import your email address book, which allows you to find any of your email connections who are already on LinkedIn. If you dont want to import your email address book right now, you can just click the Skip button.

After this step, you will need to confirm your email address via a verification code sent to your email address.

*Note*: If possible, highly recommend you go through this part with your clients. Make this interactive and be sure to answer any questions they have about setting up their profile.

Now, youve create an account! You should now see the LinkedIn homepage.

If you click on your name or the blank profile picture, you will be taken to your profile.


Understand how LinkedIn recruiters find youRecruiters search on experiences, skills, schools, training programs, and more

This is just a quick view of how recruiters use LinkedIn and what your profile looks like from the other side.

The important thing to note here is that the more information you put on your profile, the more likely it is a recruiter will see your profile. Recruiters find candidates by searching on keywords on your profile, so the more complete your profile, the better.

Now lets discuss the most important things in your profile!


6 Key Profile SectionsPhoto

Education and Training


Volunteer experience









While there are many ways you can make your profile stand out, there are 6 critical things we always recommend you start with:

PhotoEducation and...