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  • Training the Trainers: Welcome Talent Canada Thank you for volunteering to train non-profit employees to lead the Welcome Talent Canada workshop! The Welcome Talent Canada workshop, developed by LinkedIn for Good, is focused on educating refugee job-seekers on how LinkedIn.com can be a powerful tool to source and connect to opportunities in Canada. This Train the Trainer guide is a reference for you as you prepare to teach non-profit employees how to deliver the Welcome Talent Canada presentation. Please also refer to the Instructors Guide and the Welcome Talent Canada PowerPoint presentation.

    The Workshop The objectives of the Welcome Talent Canada workshop is for refugee job-seekers to:

    1. Create a LinkedIn profile 2. Understand how LinkedIn can help them build their network in Canada 3. Feel confident in their ability to leverage LinkedIn in their job search

    In order to accomplish these objectives, the workshop covers the following content:

    Introduction to LinkedIn What is a professional network? What is LinkedIn? LinkedIns vision as a company: connect to opportunity [Watch video here!] The Economic Graph [Watch video here!]

    Creating a LinkedIn Profile Signing up for an account / walk-through of the registration process Creating a strong profile, step-by-step

    Build your network on LinkedIn Connecting with people you already know How to connect with someone youve just met Leveraging Groups to build your network

    Apply for jobs on LinkedIn Setting up job preferences and finding jobs of interest Applying for jobs with your LinkedIn profile

    Your Role

  • In training the trainers of the Welcome Talent Canada workshop, your objective is to ensure they thoroughly understand how to leverage LinkedIn effectively themselves, so that they are well-prepared to answer questions from job seekers. In order to accomplish this objective, we recommend that you cover the following content:

    Explaining the value proposition of LinkedIn and the idea of connecting to opportunity Explaining the Economic Graph Explaining the objectives and structure of the workshop Walking them through the workshop slides General presentation tips Q&A regarding LinkedIn concepts and content