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The Power of Storytelling to Create Impact

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If you really want to change the world, you must become a powerful storyteller. Storytelling isn’t just a communications tool, but a central element of your transformative work. We must share stories that shift perceptions, ignite imaginations and inspire action. Stories are the fabric of human identity. They are how we understand ourselves, each other and the world. Whether you are looking for funding, supporters, customers, working on writing a convincing business plan, delivering a 30 second elevator pitch, etc. you need to be able to tell a compelling story that moves people. Our ability to create change depends on our ability to tell a powerful story that not only enables others to see the world in a new way, but inspires them to become supports and champions of our causes. This workshop is designed to teach nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and professionals at all levels how to tell stories that catalyze their work and fulfill on their missions.

Text of The Power of Storytelling to Create Impact

  • We need to IDENTIFY & CHANGE the stories that are keeping us trapped personally and systemically.
  • Dominant narratives are the ARMOR of the status quo.
  • By telling new stories, we can build A N E W W O R L D .
  • The ability to dream up and spread these solutions lives or dies on the ability to tell great stories that inspire people to think differently. -Jonah Sachs, Story Wars
  • S TO R I E S H O L D O U R I D E N T I T I E S TO G E T H E R .
  • We cannot think without language, we cannot process experience without story. -Christina Baldwin
  • S TO R I E S A L L O W U S TO C R E AT E O R D E R O U T O F T H E C H A OT I C .
  • T H E Y D O T H I S B Y E D I T I N G O U T I R R E L E V A N T D E TA I L S .
  • And defining a cause for each effect.
  • Stories remain the invisible glue through which people narrate the meaning of their lives and interweave their lives with other lives. -Michael Margolis, Believe Me.
  • Use narrative to create new frames. T H E J O B O F T H E C O N S C I O U S S TO R Y T E L L E R :
  • S TO R Y -Event Unity -The who, what, when, where, how of an event that occured -It has a begining, middle, and end N A R R AT I V E -A system of stories: Two or more stories that add up to create a larger narrative -Narrative: What do these stories tell us about how the world is? -Open ended V S
  • Dont just flip the coin. R E F R A M I N G N A R R AT I V E S That is still working within/being judged by the old narratives frame.
  • T H I N K O F B R A N D N A R R AT I V E A S : This is the journey that we are on and we invite you to join us. This is how it has been, but this is how it could be. Heres how we are making that happen and why we need you.
  • Use narrative to build movements. T H E J O B O F T H E C O N S C I O U S S TO R Y T E L L E R :
  • Stories are designed to persuade an audience of a storytellers worldview. H O W D O T H E Y D O T H I S ? Stories express values.
  • Communities are groups bound by shared values. Through storytelling, you communicate your values so your audience can say, Hey! I believe that too! S TO R I E S S Y N C H R O N I Z E B R A I N S
  • H O W TO C R A F T A V I S I O N A R Y N A R R AT I V E 1. Hook: Personal story that describes the status quo OR a brief glimpse into whats possible 2. Define the status quo. 3. Cost of the status quo. 4. Alternate reality. Other Possibility. 5. How do you know this other future is possible? 6. Compelling details of the new reality. 7. How your audience is essential/needed in order for this new future to come true.
  • N E W N A R R AT I V E F R A M E D E L I V E R E D T H R O U G H P E R S O N A L S TO R I E S =T H E B E S T W AY TO A W A K E N T H E W O R L D
  • S TO R Y P O R T F O L I O : The individual stories that add up to your brand narrative.
  • Y O U R S TO R Y P O R T F O L I O T Y P E O F S T O R Y D E S C R I P T I O N The Calling Story Each person in your organization has a calling story. The story of when they knew they had to do this work. The person they met. The story of how your organization came to be. The story of your founders insight that led to your formation. Stories about someone whose life changed as a result of your organization. Stories about how your supporters got inspired to take action and what they did as a result. Stories about lessons that youve learned along your changemaking path. We realized we werent going to be successful on our mission unless we.... THE ORIGIN STORY Lesson Stories IMPACT STORIES Movement Stories
  • H O W TO S T R U C T U R E Y O U R S TO R Y: S T O R Y A R C H MOMENT OF CHANGE AFTER CALL TO ACTION The A-ha! Moment. Ground it in a specific location. How is life different because of this realization? Include a detail or anecdote about how the impact was experienced. Relate the story back to your audience. Empower them to apply the moral of the story to their lives. BEGINNING The hook: set the stage and introduce who, what, when, and where. PROBLEM Present the problem. Include a detail or anecdote about how the challenge was experienced. JOURNEY TO CHANGE Struggle of the journey makes the character change.
  • Each character pursues some type of goal in accordance with his or her values, facing difficulty along the way and either succeeds of fails according to the storytellers view of how the world works.
  • T E N E L E M E N T S O F G R E AT S TO R I E S
  • Great stories... Are emotional and show vulnerability.
  • Great stories... Are about journeys where the protagonist learns something about the world.
  • Great stories... Describe a personal transformation.
  • Great stories... Have one protagonist at the heart.
  • Great stories... have dramatic tension. The stakes are high. They make the audience wonder, What will happen next?
  • Great stories... Include memorable details that are relevant to the core message.
  • Great stories... Are simple- they only include details that illustrate the mesage.
  • Great stories... Make the audience have an A-ha! moment.
  • Great stories... Have a moral at the heart of the story.
  • Great stories... Present lessons that encourage people to pursue their higher values.
  • C R E AT E A W A R E N E S S I N F L U E N C E B E H A V I O R C H A N G E AT T I T U D E S
  • P I C K I N G A S TO R Y What is your goal? What action do you want them to take? What Ah-Ha! moment might help them take that action? What story will lead to that Ah-Ha! moment? CHOOSE THE STORY THAT WILL GET THEM TO TAKE THAT ACTION
  • Think about the shift in perspective you want the audience to have. Do you have a story of when you had that shift in perspective yourself?
  • S TO R Y T E L L I N G S T R AT E G Y: CREATE your brand/campaign narrative Figure out the smaller stories you can tell which SUPPORT that larger narrative ADAPT these stories for various platforms and mediums and share over time/throughout your campaign through newsletters, videos, blogs, pinterest, facebook and twitter.
  • www.awakestorytelling.com facebook.com/awakestorytelling [email protected]