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2014 & onwards Cheryl Van Kempen April 2014 [email protected] || http://ruralweb.info #Rweb

Rural Web plan for 2014

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Rural Web promotes and helps with application of ICT for Development. We've had some organisational changes due to which we've had to adjust our plans for 2014 and beyond. Here's the new plan. Or should I say "back to basics"?

Text of Rural Web plan for 2014

Page 1: Rural Web plan for 2014

2014 & onwards

Cheryl Van KempenApril 2014

[email protected] || http://ruralweb.info #Rweb

Page 2: Rural Web plan for 2014

Context• Inemarie Dekker announces to stop as

manager of Rural Web in March 2014• As on short notice nobody else can be

found to follow her up, Cheryl Van kempen, initiator of Rural Web, is taking back management of the initiative.

• She is trying to figure out how to proceed with Rural Web in light of the limited resources available: » No money» Limited time » Limited nrs proactive volunteers

Page 3: Rural Web plan for 2014

What’s this?This document presents how Cheryl

thinks Rural Web should proceed in 2014 and beyond

Disclaimer This is a work in progress! Everything is still open to changes Please send us your suggestions!

Via cebook or [email protected]

Page 4: Rural Web plan for 2014

Contents1. Mission2. Status3. Finances4. Management5. Core Group6. Activities7. Timing8. Conclusion

Page 5: Rural Web plan for 2014

MissionReduce the global digital divide by helping people from developing communities obtain

1. better ICT skills,2. easy access to relevant information 3. apply ICT4D

How ICT4D advocacy Cooperative Learning Tools & Services in support of the above With partner organizations & community

Page 6: Rural Web plan for 2014

StatusNot an NPO, not a company, just an initiative,

website & community

Social Business Inemarie was trying to set up Rural Web as a

Social Business. I will leave this course, as I don’t see market

potential for Rural Web for now With Rural Web I wish to provide services

and promote ICT4D & learning for free & with an open, collaborative, cocreating mindset

If our services are appreciated and a market does turn out to exist, we can always look at a viable business model at a later stage.

First let’sprove Rural Web’s right of existence

Page 7: Rural Web plan for 2014

FinancesUntill now no bank account, all costs

payed by the initiative managers

A separate bank account will be created so better insight can be given

of expenses & income

Page 8: Rural Web plan for 2014

ManagementCheryl Van Kempen Initiated Rural Web in 2011 Transferred management in

2012–2014 to Inemarie Dekker

Now back as Inemarie resigned Working @ Deltares (NL) in Groundwater Management

Mother & volunteer for other causes – time for Rweb is unfortunately limited

Add me on

Page 9: Rural Web plan for 2014

Core Group The Core Group is closely and proactively

involved with the initiative. Helping to fulfill the mission and to carry

out activities. Anyone can join, anyone can leave on:

Rural Web discussion group for partners, advisors & volunteers https



Page 10: Rural Web plan for 2014

Activities Next will be listed some activities

Rweb will focus on to start with

Activities may be added or discontinued, depending on the wishes of the community and the feasibility in light of available resources.

Page 11: Rural Web plan for 2014

Activities1. Community Building 2. Partner Programme3. Collaborative Learning 4. ICT4D advocacy 5. Tools & services

Page 12: Rural Web plan for 2014

Community BuildingWhy Rweb should only exist if there is a

community that finds our activities desired, interesting & useful

Who Renew exising & past connections Grow with NGO’s, ICT centers, ICT teaching

institutes & individualsHow Personal contact & Interaction Social sites – our own, Facebook, Twitter a.o. Newsletters, e-mails Face to Face (skype, offline)


Page 13: Rural Web plan for 2014

Partner ProgrammeWhat Describes explicitly Rural Web’s services

for organisations and what opportunities for collaboration exist

Why Helps organisations to identify what Rural

Web can do for them

How Dedicated information page on site Regular contact Custom services: development of tools

Page 14: Rural Web plan for 2014

Partner ProgrammeWe are exploring options with the following potential partners: Tech Support Ghana – TSG

» develop & host a platform & Learning Curricula for them

» Pursue funding & project opportunities together

Soft Production Africa – SPA» Rweb is setting up a pilot learning circle with

them on wordpress in Ghana Compassion Heart

» Crowdfunding (~60 days left via 1% Club)» Starting the ICT center & teaching materials

Drop a line if you want to join the Partner Programme

Page 15: Rural Web plan for 2014

Collaborative LearningWhat Learning together Creating learning materials together

Why Life Long Learning The effect of the Knowledge Gap &

Digital Divide on developmentHow Online & Offline Learning Circles Promote & create tools & Curricula

Page 16: Rural Web plan for 2014

Learning CirclesTopics & Locations

Wordpress online & Ghana ICT4D online & NL Crowdfunding online MOOCs & e-learn online

Online cycles generally precede the local cycles, allowing to create learning materials & curricula for the offline, local cycles.

More learning Circles can be set up if leaders make themselves available, but Rural Web has no money to support them. What we can do is help to find funding i.e. Through crowdfunding and/or by setting them up in such a way that funds are generated by the circle itself

Rural Web has a lot of learning to do and will do so as much as possible in learning circles. Many more online circles might be initiated in the coming months...

Page 17: Rural Web plan for 2014

Wordpress • Online Starts as soon as possible if the offline

circle is confirmed Find participants via Wordpress fora Creates materials for the offline cycle in


Offline We are aiming to start in July, but there

is still a lot to be organized in advance! 12 weekly gatherings Guided by Richard & Richmon, SPA

Page 18: Rural Web plan for 2014

CrowdfundingOnline In support of Compassion Heart Kenya And possible future projects Find support at 1% club Find participants via 1% projects

Page 19: Rural Web plan for 2014

ICT4DOnline Starts as soon as possible Find participants among Rural Web

followers, NGO’s & ICT4D fora Creates materials for the offline cycle in

the Netherlands

Offline 2 to 4 gatherings in NL in 2014. More if a

lot of people are interested.

Why Because ICT4D is Rweb’s core business

Page 20: Rural Web plan for 2014

MOOCs & E-LearnOnline Starts as soon as possible Find participants among Rural Web

followers, NGO’s & E-learning fora

Why Because Rweb’s learning circles are a

form of E-learning and to create teaching materials we need to know the state of the art in e-teaching & MOOCs

Page 21: Rural Web plan for 2014

Tools & CurriculaWhat Tools, methods & curricula which are

disseminated online by Rweb & which aid in learning and teaching and are connected to ICT4D

Why There is a demand for tools, curricula

and exchange platforms for ICT and ICT4D learning/teaching materials

Supports Rweb’s other activities & core business

Page 22: Rural Web plan for 2014

Tools & CurriculaDeveloped In learning circles For partner organisations For Rural Web (& individual users)

For Partners Directory of learning materials (DLM)

» ICT, E-learning, Dev, Communities, Funding Platform for Curricula hosting &

exchange (for TSG) Learning materials & Curricula

» (Wordpress, for TSG)

Page 23: Rural Web plan for 2014

For Rural Web A New website A social site in support of our

activities & for social bookmarking & valuing of relevant resources (better DLM)

A learning / teaching method for the learning circles, using wikiversity

A Rweb implementation method for ICT-centres, creating added value

A Recipe for Success – Method to work towards attaining goals for individual users

Promotion materials

Page 24: Rural Web plan for 2014

ICT4D advocacyWhat Promote awareness of ICT4D options

and opportunities among stakeholdersWhy The effect of the Knowledge Gap &

Digital Divide on development Stakeholders can achieve better

results if applying ICT more consciously

How Online & Offline Learning Circles RuralWeb communication channels

Page 25: Rural Web plan for 2014

Timing (approximate)

April: Creating this plan, transfer of management & contacts, initiation of activities, setting up systems

May: start Online Wordpress & ICT4D circles, Development & Launch of new websites and tools

July: start Offline Wordpress Ghana, 1st meetup offline ICT4D NL

Sept: Kim Nooij visits TSG & SPA:Evaluation & continuation

Page 26: Rural Web plan for 2014

TimingIntense colours indicate more activity / focus

Page 27: Rural Web plan for 2014

Conclusion• Rural Web will continue in 2014 &>• With a host of activities, products

and services • But constrained by the reality of

limited resources (both financially & in terms of active participants)

• We hope you will join in and help us make Rural Web an international success, changing thousands of lives

Page 28: Rural Web plan for 2014

Disclaimer This plan is a work in progress! Everything is still open to changes Please send us your suggestions!

Via facebo or [email protected]

• facebook.com/groups/ruralweb • facebook.com/RuralWebFAQ • https://www.facebook.com/groups/313089

688823198/ (Core group)