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Bringing Community Radio to Janesville

Bringing community radio to Janesville, WI

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Janesville Community Radio is coming to Janesville, Wisconsin. On air starting June, 2015 on 103.5 fm and currently online at www.JanesvilleCommunityRadio.com

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  • Bringing Community Radio to Janesville
  • Brief history In October 2013, FCC held a two week one-time open window for applications to launch Low Power FM stations. Thousands of groups applied. In Janesville only one group applied: United Arts Alliance.
  • What is LPFM? Low Power FM (LPFM) is a non- commercial educational broadcast service. LPFM licenses may be issued to non-commercial educational entities, and public safety and transportation organizations. Individuals and holders of other types of broadcast licenses are not eligible to hold an LPFM license.
  • Why LPFM? It strengthens community identity. It increases variety in coverage of local issues. It creates an outlet for local musicians to get their music heard. It creates opportunities to learn for young people and students.
  • Who is Janesville Community Radio? Our volunteer board members are: Robert Novak Scott Story Gordy LaChance Autumn Wheeler Judith Detert-Moriarty Adam Rutherford Yuri Rashkin
  • UAA meets JCR To meet FCC requirements, the group of Janesville Community Radio volunteers needed to partner with an established non-profit. JCR approached United Arts Alliance about joining the application. UAA members voted unanimously to support application to FCC.
  • United Arts Alliance Started in 1996 as a way to create Janesville Performing Arts Center, UAA is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit umbrella organization dedicated to fostering and promoting arts in Rock County by bringing together artists, arts-related entities and businesses in Rock County. UAA is known for holding annual ArtsFest, Janesville Area Creativity awards, Arts Hall of Fame and scholarships it awards every year.
  • FCC approval granted In January 2014, FCC granted Janesville group the license to build a broadcast tower in order to begin broadcasting using frequency of 103.5 on the FM dial The group now has 18 months to launch the radio station. Launch date is set for June 2015
  • Current capabilities As of May 2014, JCR consists of podcasters broadcasting live shows using internet radio platform BlogTalkRadio producing 10+ original podcasts each week dedicated to covering local issues, education, arts and science. The station is headquartered at 321 E Milwaukee Street at My Office-JVL.
  • Few words about our hosts Currently, the JCR is a podcasters club where most anyone can join for a small monthly fee. Current programs include: Open Mick with Chad Sheridan and Andy Anderson Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin Whats Up with Jamie Orlando Talking Animals with Erika Bobzien ArtSpark with Edie Baran Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic with Bob Keith and others!
  • JCR Guests & Hosts!
  • Future opportunities Once on FM, the world of partnerships in a variety of programs congruent with UAA mission of promoting arts emerges, such as: Partnership with School District of Janesville allowing students to produce shows. Partnership with Hedberg Public Library creating dedicated childrens programming. Highlighting and promoting the variety of non- profit organizations working to make Janesville a better place to live, work and play.
  • Can anyone join? Currently most anyone can be a host but once JCR moves expands to FM, a strict application process will be implemented where the JCR board will make decisions about who will be on the air. We are looking for more volunteers to assist with technical, content and fund- raising aspects of bringing community radio to Janesville!
  • Funding As part of United Arts Alliance, JCR is already actively exploring various grant opportunities as well as partnerships with businesses and non profit entities in the community. Creative fundraising will be a must, starting with the 2nd annual Janesville Community Picnic, which will be held on June 29th at Palmer Park.
  • For more information Check out www.JanesvilleCommunityRadio.com Janesville Community Radio on Facebook Thank you for your time! Any questions?