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AIESEC in Indonesia - Local Chapter UNAND (Universitas Andalas)

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Text of AIESEC in Indonesia - Local Chapter UNAND (Universitas Andalas)

  • AIESEC in Indonesia

    Entity Page

    Local Committee Andalas University (AIESEC UNAND)

    Padang, Indonesia

  • 1. LC General Description

    2. Link to Social Media Instagram: @aiesecunand Twitter: Facebook Page: Youtube: Tumblr: www.

    Established since July 27th 1993, AIESEC UNAND known as the first LC located outside Java Island, Indonesia. AIESEC UNAND has 3 principles that reflect the big picture of LCs attitude, which are

    Courtesy (living up the values of our local culture, Minangkabau), Integrity and Family (strong family bond in every generation of members). AIESEC UNAND will never stop refilling the energy to do more and

    gain more to create a big impact for this organization and society and living the AIESEC values.

  • 3. LCEB Structure

    Heru Nugraha Perdana

    (Local Committee Presiden)

    Yulianto Eka Putra

    (Vice President OGX GIP)

    Wyke Dymas Pratiwi

    (Vice President OGX GCDP)

    Rossy Triana Iskandar

    (Vice President ICX GCDP)

    Rahma Jamila

    (Vice President Talent Management / TM)

    Anesti Yurianda Martina

    (Vice President Public Relations and IM/ PRIM)

    Fitrisia Indah Pertiwi

    (Vice President of Program Marketing / Progmar)

    Dara Finanda

    (Vice President of Finance & Governance / F&G)

    Rahimulhuda Rizki Alwi

    (Vice President of Business Development / BD)

  • 4. General Contact Information 1st office: Pusat Kegiatan Mahasiswa (PKM) Universitas Andalas, Limau Manis, Padang 2nd office: Jl. Situjuh No. 1 Jati, Padang, Sumatera Barat Telephone Number: (0751) 893461 Email: [email protected] Vice President of Incoming GIP: [email protected] Vice President of Incoming GCDP: [email protected] Vice President of Program Marketing: [email protected]

  • 5. Big Events

    1. National Strategic Conference 2013 AIESEC Indonesia annual conference aimed to bring down the

    global direction of AIESEC to Indonesia context for development and growth of AIESEC Indonesia. Held on May 7 11, 2013

    2. Global Lead Summit 2014 International leadership conference participated by 30 International

    delegates and 50 national delegate. Held on August 14 17,2014

    3. Indonesia Youth To Business in Padang Unique event powered by AIESEC, which connects young leaders and businesses around relevant topics in the world to generate new ideas and thoughts about the future (Coming soon: May 2015)

  • 6. Board of Advisor

    Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Musliar Kasim, MS Wakil Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan 2011 - 2014 Drs. H. Syahrial Syarif, MBA Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Economics, Universitas Andalas

  • 6. Board of Advisor

    Prof. Dr. Werry Darta Taifur, SE, MA Rector of Universitas Andalas 2011 - 2015 H. Basril Djabar Entrepreneur Owner of Singgalang Daily Newspaper

  • 6. Board of Advisor

    H. Asnawi Bahar, S.E, M.Si Entrepreneur Ketua Dewan Umum Association of the Indonesia Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA) 2011 2016 Ketua KADIN Sumatera Barat Dr. Rahmi Fahmy SE, MBA Lecturer in Faculty of Economics, Universitas Andalas

  • 7. EP/Intern Story (GCDP & GIP)

  • EP Experiences (GCDP & GIP)

  • Intern Story (GCDP & GIP)

  • Anne Konzack (Germany) Anne shared her experience in one of newspaper company in

    Padang. If you go to Padang, you will have great, great experience here. I promise you. ( )

    Etienne Calmelet (France) Etienne captured a very subtle scene of making a famous

    Indonesian meal, Bakwan, that he mentioned as his favorite ( )

    Moe Kobata (Japan) Moe enjoyed her stay in Padang teaching little kids about

    culture and being a global citizen ( )

  • 8. LC Gallery

  • 9. LC Partner