The Safed Maans - a Rajasthani Delicacy

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Text of The Safed Maans - a Rajasthani Delicacy

The Safed Maans

The Safed Maans 21GunSaluteGgn

Ingredients 21GunSaluteGgn

Mutton/Lamb MeatBeaten curds/YogurtKhoyaGheeCoconut powderMilkWhole Spices: Cardamom Cloves CinnamonPepper CornsPoppy seedsRed Chilli SeedsDry Red ChilliesSaffron strandsGingersGarlicOnionsSalt as per tasteDry fruits: Cashew nuts Almonds*Serves 3 persons

Step 1 21GunSaluteGgn

Boil the mutton pieces in salted water (approx. 2 tbs. salt) till almost tender, then remove from fire. Cool and strain out the stock and place the mutton pieces on another flat dish and pour the beaten curds over it.

Step 2 21GunSaluteGgn

Heat the ghee in a separate pan followed by adding cardamom, cloves, cinnamon sticks and onions. Stir till the mixture turns golden brown in colour. Add the shredded ginger and stir fry for some time.

Step 3 21GunSaluteGgn

Now, place the mutton pieces along with the white peppercorns and red chilli seeds in the pan. Cover the pan and let the meat cook on low flame for at least 45 minutes.

Step 4 21GunSaluteGgn

Then add the coconut powder and poppy seeds and continue cooking on low flame for another 20 minutes. After sometime, add the grated whole-milk fudge. Stir well and let the gravy simmer till thick.

Step 5 21GunSaluteGgn

Next, put in the cashew nuts and chopped almonds. Allow it to cook on low flame till the mutton becomes soft and tender.

Step 6 21GunSaluteGgn

Then add the garlic paste while still letting it cook for few more minutes. Get the details here:-

Step 7 21GunSaluteGgn

Finally sprinkle the strands of mixture and garnish with dry red chillies. Serve hot with rice or rotis.

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