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FINAL PROJECT Jean Wojciechowski & Pedro Veneziano Advanced Brand Strategies Professor Erin Cho

The Future of Cacau Show

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Final Project for "Advanced Brand Strategies" class: Analysis of the company and suggestion for the future. Parsons The New School for Design | Spring 2014 | Professor Erin Cho

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  • FINAL PROJECT Jean Wojciechowski & Pedro Veneziano Advanced Brand Strategies Professor Erin Cho
  • COMPANY Cacau Show is a brazilian company and the biggest ne chocolate chain in the world. It provides quality chocolate at accessible prices. It was created in 1988, a time where the brazilian chocolate market had only cheap, mass produced chocolate and expensive, imported ones. Cacau Show positioned itself in the middle.
  • COMPANY Alexandre da Costa, the owner, realized that there was a gap in Brazilian chocolate market. High-class consumers were able to buy from several artisanal/imported chocolate brands, while, on the other end, industrialized/mass-produced chocolates were sold to all social classes through supermarket chains and food sections at department stores. So Cacau Show entered in the middle lane, providing high-quality chocolate at accessible prices. quality/reasonable price artisanal/expensivemass produced/cheap Chocolate market
  • The company, since its inception, have a very lean operation model, with low costs, aggressive pricing, high-quality products and creative marketing. Characteristics that made Cacau Show able to reach this new brazilian economic force - driven by Brazils economic growth, 20 million people have joined Class C between 2006 and 2008, making a total of more than 90 million consumers in this segment. Economy COMPANY Rising middle-class $ $$
  • Instead of only launching new collections in holidays, Cacau Show makes changes in their shelves throughout the whole year - changes that goes from small new packages to launches of new avors. By doing that, Alexandre da Costa believes that customers will keep coming back to the stores and the brand will be more engaging. Products COMPANY
  • It operates in a franchise model, with more than a thousand stores open throughout Brazil. The company sells all sort of chocolates (bonbons, tablets...) with dierent shapes and avors. It also sells cookies, alfajor and, more recently, coee and desserts. However, the main star, that boosted the company is the 1 real (0.45 dollar) true. COMPANY Franchises
  • COMPANY The brands image is constructed around its own history and tradition. From its very start, the brand successfully managed to create this image in consumers mind and in the heart of brazilian people. Brand creation is, for me, coherence. Year after year, we show our consumers what we are and what we want to be: a company that sells products with handmade soul produced in large scale, and with the proposal of being a happy and democratic brand. Alexandre Tadeu da Costa Cacau Show Owner
  • COMPANY The brands magic happens at a more unconscious level, where consumers who buy their products gain a certain satisfaction and status by avoiding regular chocolate bars and pieces that you can nd at any supermarket. The brand is also highly attractive when it comes to presents, since it is an inexpensive option that works for almost anyone. Branding
  • COMPANY Cacau Shows marketing strategies and communication are always focused on their target public: easy understanding campaigns, always straight-forward and focusing on the product itself, where most of the time there arent many concepts or contextualization involved. Marketing
  • COMPANY For the future of the brand, Antonio da Costa is planning to buy a chocolate factory in Belgium (the land of artisanal chocolate, according to him). By doing that, da Costa would be able to sell chocolate in Europe, There are a lot of opportunities to be explored there. Also, with this option of having a belgian factory, Cacau Show would be able to sell belgian chocolate in Brazil for a lower price. In terms of the future of the chocolate industry, the next step may rely on cocoa fermentation. A new trend in cocoa farms technology, which is basically adding avor to the seed of cocoa itself through the action of certain bacteria, similar to what happens with wine or coee production. The future of chocolate may follow the steps of wine and coee markets, creating a culture of degustation and professional chocolate-tasters. Future
  • Our idea is to create a new brand that would step into the luxury chocolate market and would push this vision of the future of chocolate that the owner has. FUTURE The company is planning on buying a factory in Belgium - tradtion in artisanal chocolate Cacau Show doesnt have a great share of the brazilian luxury chocolate market The owner believes that the future of chocolate may follow the footsteps of wine and coee. Im finding cocoa flavors (...). These aromas result from cocoa fermentation, which is a brand new thing
  • The main idea of the logo and its visual identity is to add luxury to the brand. The single line around the name adds involvement and creates a notion of exclusivity around the brand. The star on the bottom creates a connection with Cacau Show and tells the consumer that this brand has kept the best star exclusively for him. The association between these two brands is intentionally subtle so that consumers dont create undesired connections between them. PROPOSAL A show is good, but a spectacle is far beyond that.
  • PROPOSAL This new brand would be a luxury one, but we wanted to seek the new meaning of luxury nowadays, instead of repeating what others companies have done. Luxury nowadays Rank related to what you know, not what you have Brand as way for the customer to learn Knowledge Where the chocolate comes from, how cocoa is grown Customers are more informed and want brands to inform even more Awereness
  • PROPOSAL Luxury nowadays Show the eort, the craft involved in the process Human, artisanal aspect. Move away the idea of mass produced product Care Ritual Do something at the store that you cant do somewhere else Experience
  • PROPOSAL Awareness Besides the tradional packaged chocolates, our customer would also be able to purchase in bulk. This would bring an ecofriendly, human touch characteristic to the brand. Bulk purchasing
  • PROPOSAL Knowledge/ Experience/ Care During the bulk purchasing, the clients would receive samples and a specialist would help them choose chocolates, suggest avors, explain the process of how dierent subtleties in texture and avor are obtained, health implications discuss about the product. In the end, the customer would receive cards explaining the details of the chocolate/product he bought. Educating customer
  • PROPOSAL Craft/ Eort Greeting cards would establish a more direct, personal dialog with the customer. Labels would come with hand-written information about the products to give a unique and human feel. Greeting cards & Hand-written label Maestro Dobel tequilas small batch production is noted by handwritten date and bottle numbers, as well as distiller name. Mast Brothers greeting cards
  • PROPOSAL Knowledge/ Care A biannual event that would bring chocolate specialist around the world to teach and would invite customers to Event & report