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  2. 2. Hi there. Today we are presenting Sushi Recipe. Sushi Rice Roll is a famous dish from Japanese cuisine. It is being eaten in Europe and USA too. It can be made from white or brown rice. It has different varieties. Chicken, vegetables or seafood can be used in its stuffing. So, lets get started towards Japanese Sushi Recipe. Japanese Rice Roll Sushi Recipe SAFARECIPES.COM
  3. 3. First of all, boil your rice. SAFARECIPES.COM
  4. 4. In a medium bowl, add rice vinegar, sugar and salt in it. Mix them for 30 seconds. SAFARECIPES.COM
  5. 5. Now add this mixture in your rice and mix it very well. SAFARECIPES.COM
  6. 6. Cut your avocado into thin slices. SAFARECIPES.COM
  7. 7. Cover your bamboo sushi mat with plastic. SAFARECIPES.COM
  8. 8. Cut nori sheet into half and place it on bamboo sushi mat. Make sure the shiny side of nori sheet faces down. SAFARECIPES.COM
  9. 9. Now take some rice and place them on nori sheet. SAFARECIPES.COM
  10. 10. Sprinkle the sesame seeds on sushi rice and turn it over. SAFARECIPES.COM
  11. 11. Now place crab meat or roasted boneless chicken (whichever you like) and then the avocado on nori sheet. You can use cucumber, as an extra ingredient on this spot. SAFARECIPES.COM
  12. 12. Now hold the bamboo sheet and ingredients in it tightly with your fingers and roll the mat. After completing rolling your mat, softly press your mat around the roll. SAFARECIPES.COM
  13. 13. Now unroll the mat and cut the sushi roll with a sharp moisturized knife. Dont push and pull to cut the roll. Now move them into a plate and serve it with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. SAFARECIPES.COM
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