Recipe How to Make Fried Banana Chocolate Bread

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  1. 1. How to make Fried Banana Chocolate bread recipe Delicious Rolls 4 sheets of fresh bread (without the skin edge) Brown meises (any brand) Nutella chocolate jam 1 piece banana horns (Peel his skin) 1 egg (shake it off) 2 tbsp butter Bread crumbs to taste How to make fresh bread fried banana chocolate Roll soft Fried Banana Chocolate Bread Recipe Roll Sweet Simple Take one sheet of fresh bread and place it on a plate, then DAB the surface of the bread with butter and jams nutella chocolate. Put the peeled bananas into the central part of the surface. Give chocolate sprinkles meises then roll the bagel bread recipe Fried Sweet Banana Chocolate Roll is simple Dip in the egg, and roll the bread into the bread crumbs. Heat the oil first. Then FRY the fresh bread rolls until golden yellow. Source: e_Delicious_Rolls