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NudeFoody delivers delicious and well-balanced diet based on activity from fitness tracker created by professional nutritionist and fitness trainer.

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  • 1. Problem of all US citizens suffer from obesity of all US citizens dont have an opportunity to eat healthy during the working day 9 out of 10 americans dont have the knowledge about healthy eating or dont know what healthy diet should consist of increasing number of people who dont cook
  • 2. Solution NudeFoody delivers delicious and well-balanced diet based on activity from fitness tracker created by professional nutritionist and fitness trainer.
  • 3. NudeFoody
  • 4. Dietary plan examples Boost brainpower Detox Weight loss Staying fit Sports diet Lactose-free diet Glutene-free diet Diet for seniors 65+ Vegetarian diet Vegan diet As well as: Healthy food plan for pregnants, healthy diet for children
  • 5. NudeFoody principle We dont give clients an opportunity to chose the meals, instead we offer the most appropriate diet based on their aims
  • 6. NudeFoody technology Client only has to: 1. Fill in the form and choose his goal 2. Optionally consult one of our nutritionists 3. Every mornings recive meals for the whole day
  • 7. NudeFoody technology NudeFoody magic: 1) The algorithm chooses the right diet plan created by our nutritionist, according to the clients needs 2) Meal preparation according to the chosen program 3) All the meals are prepared according to the newest technologies: Sous Vide, Shock freezing High Pressure technology use 6) The meals are packed into the special packaging 7) In the mornings courier delivers the meals for the whole day to the client in a special thermo box 8) Heat & Eat in Minutes: Meals are delivered chilled with simple instructions to finish them off in the microwave or oven in a few minutes.
  • 8. NudeFoody APP
  • 9. Business model B2C: Personal diet delivery Small selling points in public spaces Corporate clients, cooperation with insurance companies B2B: Franchise selling to the regions with full kitchen technolgies, recepies, CRM, etc.
  • 10. Target audience Target audience is the people who: Want to lose weight Want to eat healthy Want to boost brainpower Maintain their physical activity Own fitness trackers Are counting calories
  • 11. Size of the market: Food and Beverages $1.7B eat out every day in US* U.S. consumers spend $6,130 a year on food Catering is a $55B industry $117 billions a year are spent on obesity treatment and healthcare *
  • 12. Size of the market: Digital health service 75% of US adults already own a health and fitness device 55.7 M Diet and fitness apps were used in 2013 By 2017, there will be 1.4 billion mobile sensing health and fitness app downloads globally 13 million wearable devices shipped in 2013
  • 13. Competitors and other market players: - healthy food delivery, but the client has to choose and cook by himself - simple meals - meals on choice - healthy meals with no structure or dietary advice - delivery is limited, open hours of 11am-2pm or 5:30pm-9:30pm - delivering only dinners - delivers only meals that are served in restaurants - only dietary product list and recepies The difference from competitors: only two companies cook by themselves, but none of them stresses healthy diet, helps to lose weight or teaches healthy eating.
  • 14. Team Aleksejs Krumins (CEO) - HoReCa expert and entrepreneur with more than 5 years experience. Co-founder of 2 restaurants. Experience in work with private investment. Good people management skills, managing staff of 60 employees. Maija Kitiasvilli (COO) - HoReCa professional with 9 year experience in this segment. Experience in general management, finances, sales&marketing, operational and staff management. Diet and nutrition consultant. Vitalij Smirnovs chef with 30 years experience and different world cuisine knowledge Irina Horoshkejeva barista with 7 years experience Sergio Laskin - design Dmitrijs Angelovskis - IOS programming
  • 15. Current status Detox program launch for clients first cash flow generation
  • 16. NudeFoody
  • 17. Thank you!