Mango Ice-cream Recipe - Quick & Easy Recipes by Chef Misbah

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Mango Ice-cream Recipe - Quick & Easy Recipes by Chef Misbah

Quick N Easy RecipesbyMisbah

Mango Ice-cream


Heavy Cream100mlCondensed Milk canMango1 medium sized

Today we are going to see the recipe of mango ice-cream, quick and easy with only three ingredients.

These are our three ingredientsMango PiecesWhipping CreamCondense Milk

1 medium size mango, grind and make a nice pulp out of it

It should look like this.

100 ml whipping cream.Beat the cream until soft peak is formed

The texture of cream should be like this after beating it with blender

Now add 100ml of condense milk in whipped cream .

Add mango pulp which we have prepared earlierBeat the mixture with the blender

This is the texture after beating the mixture

We are ready with our ice-cream. Now we will freeze it for minimum 6 hours

So our ice-cream is ready and you can garnish it with cherry or dry fruits

Hope you enjoyed the presentation. Good Bye


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