How to make chocolate cupcakes

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How to Make Chocolate Cupcakes


  • 1. How to Make Chocolate Cupcakes By: Carissa Myers
  • 2. Ingredients 1 cup of Water 1/3 cup of vegetable Oil 3 egg whites 1 Oven Cupcake Pan and Cupcake wrappers 2 cups of Powdered sugar 1 stick of unsalted butter A little bit of milk
  • 3. To start, add the water, eggs, and oil all into a big bowl.
  • 4. Then add the chocolate powder mix to the big mixing bowl.
  • 5. Once everything is in the bowl you want to mix it really well until all the bumps are gone.
  • 6. Set your oven to 325
  • 7. Put cupcake wrappers in the pan.
  • 8. Fill up the cups half way
  • 9. Put them in the oven and bake them for 18-23 minutes.
  • 10. Stick a toothpick in one or two to see if they are done.
  • 11. You want to set them out on a cooling rack so they cool down and dont melt the icing.
  • 12. Now to make the icing. Put the stick of butter and 2 cups of powdered sugar in a bowl. Mix it all together and add milk until it is the thickness that you want.
  • 13. If you want to make fancy designs you can put the icing in a baggy and cut one corner. Or you can just spread it on with a knife.
  • 14. When your cupcakes are done you can share them with your family and friends.